Reminder: To Avoid Headaches

Read the fucking quest text.

(Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day! Or not, depending on your current relationship status.. Oh dear, this is a complicated holiday. Have a nice day! There, nothing wrong with that.)

As you’re probably aware, I’ve been running the hell out of this Love is in the Air event.

Running it on a total of 5 characters poses a bit of a logistics problem. It wouldn’t if they were all mages, but Arioch has enough trouble with Mirror Images, I don’t need a character selection screen full of them.

Basically, each character (varying in levels from 15 to 85) has to visit each city, trek to some random spot to massacre a few Crown employees and destroy company property, and then queue for the holiday boss (if high enough level).

I tried running each toon independently but it was taking forever. One can port, one is on a fast flier, one is on a slow flier, and the other two are on foot.

I decided to make use of my second account (the one my mom plays) to get my own toons in a party and play the “can you log fast enough to make use of a portal cast by your own toon before it disappears” game.

And the answer is yes, if I turn off all my add ons, I can cast a portal on Arioch and get at least 3 toons through it before it disappears.

This sped things up a bit, but when I started, everyone was in different cities with different hearths so it took a day to sort that out.

Now, everyone starts in Org, and does those dailies. The paladin (who’s been level 60 for a looooooooong time) gets to fly to Winterspring to crush the crown there. Then everyone hearths to Silvermoon, and translocates to Undercity where the two  babies of the group trundle off to Ambermill for some crushing of their own. Then everyone waits by Sylvanas for Arioch to drop a portal to Thunderbluff. Everyone waves at the cow and it’s portal time back to Org where Arioch can finally queue for the boss and go to Uldum to compete for 5 mobs. Selwyn just does what he can from Org, crushes in Uldum, and enjoys a very fast queue for the holiday boss.


It was so complicated, not to mention the calculations to make sure that each character ended up with the correct number of tokens for the least amount of effort, I resorted to a spreadsheet.

That’s right. EJ may crunch numbers on theoretical max DPS but I crunch heart tokens. We got a bad ass over here.

And just when I had it all figured out, it changed.

Cruorem hit 20 and learned to ride his sparkle pony (yay!) and I was very nervous about him having to move to a new location for crushing the crown. Thankfully, he remained in Ambermill for that bit of destruction.

So when Jhaelen hit 61 after turning in his bracelet to the Warchief, I thought nothing of it and flew out to Winterspring, just as I had been for the past couple days.

I blew up a wagon and merrily floundered away at the Crown mobs.

Mind you, I am level 61, trained up to about 50ish, have at least 1 talent point to spend, and am mostly naked.

I kill half a dozen of the buggers and realize that my quest tracker is not tracking their deaths. WTF?

Open the quest. Read the quest.

Literally performed a /headdesk.

Apparently at 61 I get to go to Outland and kill them just outside of Shatt.

No problem, I’ll just portal him to Shatt when the others are going to Org. He can get home via the portal in Shatt.

So I get out there and the mobs are orange. Level 64 to my 61.

Again, let me remind you that I’m practically naked. What gear I do have is from when I was 30-45. I’ve leveled almost exclusively through cooking dailies and holiday events. Gear drops aren’t so good for picking berries.

Check out that leet ilevel of 42!

I have no idea what gear I have laying about that it thinks I could be at ilevel 47.

At this level or lack of training, paladins have no ranged attacks worth a damn. I can Judge, and the mob just sits there, spraying me with his supersoaker from 100 yards away. And oh wait! His buddy just joined in! And that one over there!

Needless to say, I got pasted pretty quick.

A quick run back from the graveyard and it was back to carefully peeling them away from the herd, one by one, frantically bandaging and eating in between.

Finally, I succeeded.

But it was painful. Both in terms of effort to kill 5 mobs (thank god I didn’t try to toss the bomb there, tomorrow is going to suck!) and the soreness of my forehead.

Tangent: Someone apologized for pulling about 23k on the holiday boss (balance druid). The other DPS (warrior) was under 8k and the tank was under 9k, so 23 was fantastic. Not to mention, there’s not much to get at when I’m pulling 45+. I wish all fights were 20 seconds long. =D

8 comments on “Reminder: To Avoid Headaches

  1. Morrigu says:

    Makes me glad I’m not that bothered about doing these things on alts. Which also saves the heart rending screams when an alt I rarely play gets the rare mount.


    • Arioch says:

      And I’m not even doing it on the alts so they can have the mounts – I’m farming them to sell the damned things.

      I won’t be too put out if my priest ends up with the rare drop – assuming that Blizzard actually makes mounts account-bound. *fingers, toes, and anything else that can be crossed*


  2. Leit says:

    Um… you might have a chest item lying around? Also… is that a leather helm on a ret, what is this, Sparta, etc


    • Arioch says:

      Hahaha! That IS a leather helm. From BRD. I don’t even remember doing Blackrock on this character, must have been drug through by someone while they were farming something.

      My weapon requires level 42 and is from Strat – as is one of my trinkets.

      The chest is currently on my warrior. I’m too lazy to send it back and forth and too cheap to buy a second. Besides, it’s fun riding around with everyone inspecting me trying to see how I came up with the topless “transmog.”


  3. Darraxus says:

    I dont know why someone would apologize for 23k. I have zero characters who are geared enough to pull that kind of DPS over a full fight. I am happy if the pugs I am with do over 10k. I have seen plenty of people go in on 84 characters and do around 3-4k as well.


    • Arioch says:

      Exactly! He asked for a meter link after he apologized so I’m guessing he thought he was doing worse than he really was. I don’t know much about balance druids but he was definitely doing better than most people I run across. We chatted for a bit after the others left and I reassured him he was doing fine.


  4. Jess says:

    My priest is my achievement whore and didn’t have any “clean-up” achievements to do this holiday – ie, Blizz adding Cata specific achievements to the holidays – so her only prime objective was the pink chicken thing. (Which I finally got yesterday ^_^ ) So, when I learned I only needed to do the dailies, the holiday dungeon, and spend an hour (that’s the length of the Treasure Finder potion and my patience) farming in Deepholm for the bracelets I decided to give it a go on two of my other alts. My (original main) mage is doing everything for the achievements and my baby druid is doing the dailies for the XP. I would do it on all my baby alts to get relatively free XP but since I find most of my WoW time is played at work these last couple of weeks, two alts was enough to try to slog through the heavy perfume and cologne.


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