Holiday Recap

Since it’s a holiday over here and a large portion of my readership seems to sneak a peek over here while at work… I’m not expecting a lot of peeps to check in today.

So here’s a recap of my success with Love is in the Air.

My spreadsheet proved to be invaluable in calculating who had to do what how many times but it still came down to the wire. And my ability to self-port my alts around was also pretty handy once I got the process streamlined.

Yesterday was a friend’s birthday and we got suckered in to helping her move.

No problem, I’ll still be home in plenty of time to run the dailies and get my flamingos.

But then (very long story short) Tir and I ended up at Fry’s (computer parts store) with her to rebuild a computer for her mom (because her computer was in Germany, another long story).

She was stranded at our house while Tir built the system from the ground up.

I’m not so rude as to play WoW in front of my friends so I patiently played hostess.

Tir was getting ready to put the finishing touches on it, which were going to include a very lengthy installation of patches for various pieces of software (including WoW, her mom’s cool) and it was decided that he would finish it up on location at their house.

Hey, it’s 11:30 pm server time. You might want to hop on and finish your dailies.


I’m a terrible hostess, but I *must* finish off these dailies or the past two weeks will have been all for naught.


And now begins the waiting game.

The Swift Lovebirds were in the AH that night ranging from 8k to 80k. I’m hoping the price stabilizes at the upper end of that to more swiftly contribute to the “GET ARIOCH A FUCKING SWIFT SPECTRAL TIGER” fund.

This was also a very productive holiday in terms of free XP!

My bank alt and baby warrior both started in the 13-15 range at the very beginning. Each of them were taken out once earlier on in the event to burn rested XP and the warrior was gifted with a full set of heirlooms.

Score at the end of the holiday:

Bank Alt: 23 (and never needs to be leveled again, but I am sooooo considering getting her a little fox)

Baby Warrior: 26 (and now needs a better shield than my vendor one)

I even didn’t do too badly by my glyph-bitch paladin: 62 (considering he had been in his 50s forever, hit 60 last August just so I could fly to buy parchments, and then stalled out again; his half-naked exploits in Terrokar Forest will be the stuff of legend in my stable for years to come)

How was your Love is in the Air?

5 comments on “Holiday Recap

  1. slice213 says:

    holidays? what are holidays? XD


  2. Jess says:

    Faired pretty well. Got the mount on my priest. My mage got all the achievements and title and the pet. And a couple of my alts got a couple of free levels. :)

    Glad you’re working toward your fund. ^_^


  3. […] getting back in to the enjoyment of the game I’ve shared my obsession with obtaining Swift Lovebirds,  trials with my paladin, failure on my hunter, progress on my […]


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