I sort of cheated

Got Jhaelen’s banner done.

And I’ll admit, I cheated a bit.

For all the others I have lovingly crafted a background from scratch.

And I started to do that here…

But I had this lovely screen shot of the evening sky over Hyjal. I was already using it as the base for my color palette (which didn’t last long, I ended up doing a much brighter panel that got scrapped in favor of this one.)

I suppose I should thank Tel for finding the armor set for me. There’s a “blood knight” set that I found on some random ‘mog blog (and of course I’ve lost it) that is *really* awesome… but it was very dark and Jhaelen’s sort of not dark. He’s probably that guy that would say “good morning” to EVERYONE that walks by even if they are desperately trying to avoid contact. He’s that cheerful and fairly clueless guy.

The name was originally going to be in paladin pink, but there wasn’t really a pattern of name-class coloration in my other banners and the green gems in the armor were too good to pass up as a contrast.

After the fact I realized that his pose is very similar to Kaayn’s… but what are you going to do with limited melee poses that look “realistic” and not “OMG there is armor through my head/weapon through my chest?”

5 comments on “I sort of cheated

  1. repgrind says:

    Very nice but … I liked him better shirtless. ;)


    • Arioch says:

      Funny you should mention that!

      I’m working on a “casual” series with them in non-armor, I have an idea of a panel series that I totally lack the artistic talent to produce, and I DEFINITELY have a plan for some more gratuitous nudity from my stable. I’m thinking something along the lines of a calendar… anyone know what the Azerothian calendar looks like?


    • I’m not aware of any real info on the Azerothian calendar being available. And I’m a pretty big lore geek, so if I don’t know about it, it probably doesn’t exist.

      All I know is the Lor’themar Theron story mentioned the year in the “Thalassian calendar.” I believe we’re in the year three thousand and something by that reckoning, though I don’t remember precisely.


    • Arioch says:

      Well poop.

      That leaves me with the boring, old “real” calendar. Looks like I may have to either do some repeat appearances or expand my character selection. I *could* pull in my nelfs or maybe some of Tir’s characters… but I’m not sure I want to subject anyone else’s characters to my questionable art skills.


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