Magely Marquee

We’ve seen the new clearcasting banner.

We’ve peeked at Cruorem and Kaayn.

I’ve shown off Selwyn and put Jhaelen on display.

Still on the fence about making one for the rogue that hasn’t even seen the light of day.

But what about the man of the hour? For whom this entire blog was created to brag about his accomplishments, share his triumphs, and shamefully discuss his failures?

That’s right, time to look at Arioch’s banner.

Hopefully the reasoning for the color choices of the rune circles is obvious.

Like all the others, it was a challenge to find a pose that was more than just standing there but also did not involve articles of armor occupying the same space as important body parts, like the head. (I do love these T9 shoulders but they tend to float back off the figure in most casting animations if they aren’t directly attempting to decapitate me.)

Unlike some of the others, I thankfully did not have the pesky issue of pieces of the image coming over as transparent when exporting the image out of the WoW Model Viewer.

The current blog theme I’m using allows for multiple header banners to be loaded and then randomly displayed. So don’t be surprised to see these guys up top in the next few days.

5 comments on “Magely Marquee

  1. Jaedia says:

    Love it! It might be the best one! :D


  2. slice213 says:

    Agreed. nice looking header!


  3. repgrind says:

    Yep, I would say it’s the best one yet. Love the way the colors tie into the armor.


  4. telanarra says:

    I would voice my opinion but as you have previously implied the opinions of the colorblind are irrelevant. :)

    That and the whole nothing nice adage :)


  5. Arioch says:

    Thank you, all! I recently picked up a bunch of new tips and tricks for Photoshop so I’ll be bringing more in the next few months. I’ve got ideas!


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