Out of the study

The recent leveling blitz on my warrior and bank alt made me feel bad for my glyph-bitch, er, I mean, my paladin. There he was, sitting in the study, piles of glyphs heaped around him. /sadpanda

He scratched his way up to 62 after being forced, practically naked, into the Outlands to face mobs of a challenging level.

Add in with the nakedness, the fact that I hadn’t trained for a bit, spent any talent points in a while, what I had remembered to train I had not placed on my action bars (or more likely in all the realm/faction transferring my macros got borked), what little gear I had sucked donkey dong, and I have NO FUCKING CLUE HOW TO PLAY A PALLY.

Oh, and the mobs for the holiday respawned about as fast as I could kill them.

So now that the holiday is over and all my heals are back on my bar (those would have REALLY come in handy the other week), I wandered over to the paladin trainer, and even picked up some cheap (and roughly level appropriate) gear off the AH to fill in some of the naked spots. (No, I didn’t replace the leather helm. Bite me.)

According to the command board, it’s officially time to head back out to the Outlands.

No idea if this is his first time out here (separate from the Love is in the Air slaughtering) so this may be a sort of duplicate picture of his “first” trip out.

Amazingly enough, my herbalism was of an appropriate level. I have no idea how that happened…

Crusader Aura.


Those pesky seals are rather important. I am always reminded of this as I go barreling into a cluster of mobs, wildly spamming my Judgement key.  Might is sort of useful too.

Itemization on gear given as quest rewards in Outlands is pants on head retarded. I don’t think Agility is really all that important to me as a ret pally. I could be wrong (and probably am), but I don’t think there are any plate classes that favor agility. Perhaps I would also like some spirit with that?

Off spec gear… holy or prot? prot or holy? I’m leveling the baby warrior as a tank, but that’s not really in his character development. He was just the easiest to pick it up due to his low level. In my mind’s eye, Jhaelen is the tank… but how often am I actually going to use this off spec (that I haven’t purchased yet)?

I recalled someone saying that collecting holy gear was harder so I suppose I’ll squirrel some of that away to rot. Or maybe the tank gear… gah! Decisions that mean nothing!

I’ve noticed that all my procs go off at once, right after everything dies, and they won’t pop again for a very long time. In AoE situations I tend to spam anything that affects multiple targets. This makes my little blue bar go away very quickly. But I do know where my interrupt button is!

Back to that Crusader Aura thing… it isn’t so useful in combat. DOH!

But all my hard work and toil getting the cobwebs dusted off and some blood on his hands got me: a plate helm! There was a chest that I considered taking… but I figured someone would kill me if I left the leather helm on any longer.

10 comments on “Out of the study

  1. Arvash says:

    Go prot pally, it’s fun throwing the magical frisbee around =)


  2. repgrind says:

    Arv does have a point. I should really dust off my baby prot pally one of these days.

    I actually bought a set of tank heirlooms on the Hoof (where I already have 10 slots filled) but have never gotten around to deleting/transferring something so I could make a new one there. Not that I *need* another one when I have the belf one to level still but … and of course I have a couple of level 30ish holy pallies lying around too that I need to finish and I wanted to make a new pally to play on Khizzara’s server since I ripped Kalethos away to Firetree to play with Stunnah, and … *distracted by paladins*


  3. slice213 says:

    lvling as prot was easy and quite fun….gather bunch a mobs and kill em all.


  4. Arioch says:

    The problem is… he’s got 2 more levels to unlock Northrend inscription. I’ve scanned the recipes for Cata level and there doesn’t seem to be much that would be profitable to churn out… so he’s probably going to hit 65 and get locked away again. Until the next free-XP holiday. Midsummer perhaps?


  5. zarigar says:

    Holy gear is a bitch to get at that level. You get a piece with spirit and strength and go “eh, close enough.”


  6. Leit says:

    Your blue bar is never going to be very big. Just use Judgement whenever you’ve got nothing better to do, and don’t spam Consecration – in Wrath it was aggro velcro, but in Cata you’re lucky if the mobs don’t just assume it’s a case of athlete’s foot.

    Plate itemisation in BC is *almost* as bad as Vanilla. Almost. In that at least some of the bits don’t have spirit, and you occasionally get plate that has +str in addition to whatever caster stat they decided was good for warriors that day. At least the design team fixed most of the quest rewards in Vanilla now. No, there are no plate classes that want agi, but back in the day it at least used to be worth some AP.

    Pallies are the easiest tanks to level. Hands down. Warrior’s slightly annoying in that if you lose aggro early you can’t do a whole lot to pick it up, but that gets better, especially if you pull like a maniac and never ever stop to loot. Bear’s the same with even less abilities. Dks come into the game with half a toolbox at 60, and it can take a few levels working out what’s in your toolbox and what you’ve accidentally borrowed from that creepy dude who seems way too friendly with his ghoul.

    Pallies on the other hand have a nice mix of cooldowns, easy AoE, a primary resource that you never ever need to worry about and a very simple rotation. Plus you won’t *believe* how satisfying it is landing a good Avenger’s shield. I won’t glyph it, simply because the bounce is too awesome.


    • Tirael says:

      Back in the day, ret paladin dps gear had a mix of spirit, sp, agi and/or str. That was the way it was designed. Also, prior to actual combat ratings (ie crit etc, haste was a mid BC stat) agi gave crit, dodge, and armor to all melee classes.

      The whole agi=ap thing was a patch 3.0 (pre-WotLK launch) due to talents called Bladed Aor (which still exists for DKs) and Armored to the Teeth (no longer exists for Warriors.). Since agi gave armor, the talents would convert the armor given from agi into ap.

      AFAIK, agi never have plate classes ap directly.


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