Do not want

There’s a lot of things I do not want. They most likely far outnumber the things that I do want.

The biggest WoW-related thing that I do not want at this moment has nothing to do with Mists of Panderia and how badly (or not) they may destroy my characters.

It has nothing to do with the new changes to the D3 real money auction house. Changes of which I’m still not really sure how I feel.

Nothing about gold farmers, loot ninjas, trade chat trolls.

What I don’t want is actually very surprising for me, considering how much it has been something that I wanted and actively strove for in the past.

So what is it?


That’s right, I couldn’t care less about heroic raiding right now.

It started some time after I transferred over to the Alliance side. But there were so many other factors making me unhappy (being Alliance, raiding on my priest, doing 25-man content, that obnoxious guy that wouldn’t shut up in vent) that it was hard to tease it out of the ball of general discontent.

When I started looking for a new home, I found myself deliberately searching out guilds less progressed than I was (H Morchok down on my priest). I didn’t mind working towards another “first” madness kill. I was looking for a guild with a more casual approach to progression. Heroics might happen. They might not.

My current guild has progressed to the point where on most nights we clear DS in one night on both teams.

So on Tuesday I clear it on Selwyn in the second team and again on Friday with Arioch in the first team. Yes, Team 2 goes first. Don’t ask me.

There are nights where we struggle to get it down, pushing past raid end time and sometimes even coming in the second night. Fights that should be no problem for us get bogged down in a mire of variables such as new people in the roster or mental instability of a raid member or the fight just being super buggy (I’m looking at you, trash before Ultraxxion!).

On the nights we’re good, we’re good. On the nights we’re not… we’re pretty fucking bad. Consistency is a big gap in our skill set.

And I’m OK with that. We do eventually get it down. We teach new people the fights. We find new, more efficient ways of getting the kill. We also find a lot of inefficient ways to die. I think Thomas Edison said something about that in regards to inventing the light bulb. People get really excited about their gear drops. (Or whine worse than me when they don’t see a drop for a while.) But it’s all good. Unless there’s a personality twitch in the evening, we generally have a good time.

It’s a game and I’m having fun.

And then the rumblings begin for the heroics.

We had such a (mostly) good thing going! I was down to raiding twice a week, which was perfect. That left plenty of room for the occasional nip into FL or to run something older or to play an alt or to just log off and be in the real world for a while. I’m just a kitten in the raid, killing shit (even when healing), and being happy.

I don’t think we’ve been able to duplicate our heroic Morchok kill and we’ve been instructed to watch videos on another 3-4 fights. (Which, by the way, less than half the raid actually did. My guess would be they don’t care much about heroics either.)

Whatever. I’m just a raid kitten. If the box has a skull on it, so be it.

The raid leader tends to get frustrated pretty quickly so we generally only do a handful of attempts before moving on.

During the raid last week, we were moving along so-so, I think we failed a couple times at Warlord Zon’ozz, and we were in mid combat on Ultraxxion when the raid leader starts talking about how next week we’re going to try to do this fight on heroic, oh and Arioch, you need to go fire for that.

Long post is long so will be continued. I’m pretty sure most of you can guess how I feel about switching to fire.

15 comments on “Do not want

  1. I’m guessing you feel how I feel when people tell me to go arcane?


    • You can’t possibly feel more venom than I feel towards arcane. Try playing a fire mage through an entire expansion where arcane is light years ahead in damage. Every single group had to remind me arcane is better.




      I still have to resist the urge to rip people’s heads off whenever they ask me for focus magic.


  2. slice213 says:

    o.o not sure why people tell others to swap. Just work around it and play to your strengths.


  3. slice213 says:

    Then that makes sense, sometimes you cant just work around a boss with raid makeup.

    True there are reasons to swap people for pushing progression, like not bringing a frost mage like you mentioned.

    There is also something to be said for not forcing people playing a spec they may not like. I.E. performance issues. I know sorak swapped to unholy for a bit and noticed a drop in his dps even though unholy maybe better? He swapped back to Frost and hell of a lot better.


  4. slice213 says:


    Silly Blizz and their silly requirements sometimes. Out of curiosity, what is the raid makeup?


    • telanarra says:

      Blizz has no requirements besides X tanks Y dps ans Z healers. Requiring class/spec combos is just a level of annoyance players perceive to be required to get past content.


    • Leit says:

      Heroics may not *require* a certain comp, but they do require certain abilities, and in many cases are made easier by having certain others. Or in some cases not having them. Feral druids on Ultrax, we’re looking at you here.

      My guild’s recently started heroics – we’re 2/8 (morchok, yor’sahj), with me personally 1/8 because our resto shammy is pretty awesome when healing with the purple debuff, and pally healers are just better. We’ve also got a musical roster, but you do the best you can with what you have.


  5. slice213 says:

    Hmm. musical roster lol. Sounds like everyone is playing it lately.

    And wow at Tel…something profound? who is this fake Tel…..


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