Do not want (more)

(This post will make no sense unless you read yesterday’s.)

Shut the front door. Hold the fucking phone. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Just the other week I filled out his little questionnaire on the guild site and was pretty clear that I was NOT willing to change specs.

I don’t like playing fire. I’ll try it again in MoP, but right now I can’t even stand the way it SOUNDS. Yes, I don’t like the playstyle or even the basic sounds of the spec.

Immediately I was irritated. When angry, my damage either spikes up or plummets. It was a downer night.

Logged off after the raid and didn’t log on to a guilded toon again until the Tuesday night raid on my priest – except to do the Love is in the Air stuff. But I was on and off again without any dillydallying, even for the raid. The raid leader having issue with an emergency AFK did nothing to sweeten the foul mood I was in.

After a couple days I had even forgotten exactly why I was irritated and didn’t want to log on. I was fine on my alts, had a good night leveling Jhaelen, should just call him Failen, but I was instantly wound up if I logged on to either of my guilded toons.

Thursday night I was happily back on my poor pally and the wandering thought of “raid tomorrow” floated past.

Dark clouds roll in.

Why the fuck am I so angry about a raid?

Oooooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh. The heroics and fire and why did we have to ruin a good thing?

I couldn’t even have fun on my alt any more.

Logged off and talked to Tir a bit about it that evening.

He thinks I’m daft for not wanting to go fire, but he assured me that we could do it if I stayed arcane. I took that to mean that “if we could do it at all, one arcane mage versus a fire mage will not be the deciding factor in our success or failure.” Like I said, we’re still really inconsistent in normals.

Friday night.

The raid leader says the bestest thing in the world.

We’re going to work more on getting Morchok on farm before we try more heroics.

Happy mage! I did all that worrying and being angsty for nothing.

And then we get a pretty clean heroic Morchok kill.

This is a good thing. We’ve been struggling so hard to get that kill again, giving up most nights. (Back to that consistency thing – the thing we don’t have.)

Well, if we get another kill like that next week we’ll start trying more heroics. Probably Ultraxxion first.


(Coincidentally that was my response when Reins of the Blazing Drake dropped and I rolled a 4.)

The fights were a lot smoother this week, our roster seems to be stabilizing. But I still don’t care about heroics. Maybe in a few more months. Maybe I’ll be bored of pleasantly smooth runs and be ready to slam my head in the wall again. (Check out a post over here that talks about why not to jump into heroics right away – future boredom is certainly a reason.)

If we pull up to Ultraxxion next week and the box suddenly has a skull I’m staying arcane. If that means I get replaced, so be it. I’m not interested in playing a spec I don’t like to run content I don’t care about.

So I’m done being worried and brooding about it. I am what I am and they can take it or leave it.

Back to enjoying the game!

(To follow up on this… we went into heroic FL over the weekend. After stumbling through the first few and coming back the second night to wipe for another hour on Alysrazor and then wiping for another hour and a half on Baleroc… Tir got pulled into a separate channel in vent and the raid leader asked if we should honestly be attempting DS heroics. After his frank reply that we couldn’t handle 30% nerfed content in gear a full tier ahead… it was decided that we should just stick with heroic Morchok in DS for a bit until the raid can display some improved raid awareness. On the plus side, I am now just a couple achievements away from my corrupted egg!)

16 comments on “Do not want (more)

  1. Tanyanka says:

    You know, there are nine other peeps besides you in a raid. Why should your switching speccs make any difference especially if you don’t feel comfortable with it? I don’t understand a RL that would ask anything like that of his raiders.
    Also, never ever forget that WoW is a game that you play for pleasure. If you loose the fun in it, it’s time to think things over. Or do you pay for something you don’t enjoy? ;-)


    • Tirael says:

      Her changing specs would matter if our raid comp was different. The thing is that we have ample aoe dps (between a spriest, demo lock, ret pally and enh shaman or aoe dps is insane) so her staying arcane isn’t a big deal. The only fight where it would be beneficial is yor, which like I said, we have more than enough aoe for.

      If our raid comp was different, then it would matter.


  2. slice213 says:

    ” leveling Jhaelen, should just call him Failen” lol reminds me of Sorak’s new main.

    Cayle aka Fayle lol

    Totally agree with Tir one spec is not going to make or break a fight.

    Hmmm…..issues with heroic FL? even with the huge nerf and gear a full tier ahead? Sounds like some lessons in situational awareness is needed for some. /comfort


  3. Nina says:

    Arcane works fine for Ultraxion, anyhow, so you shouldn’t swap. Our mage refuses to drop her pvp frost spec and we’ve gone 4/8h perfectly fine without her having to change. It’s really a matter of having the dance moves down. Plus the nerf went up to 10% this week, so that more than compensates for any marginal improvement a fire spec would give you.


    • Tirael says:

      The reason he wanted her to be fire for Ultraxion has to do with gaming Cauterize for Hour of Twilight, but nothing to do with her dps.


    • Tirael says:

      Also, fireis only better than arcane on aoe fights. They are literally within 1% of each other for standstill and burn.


  4. telanarra says:

    “Reins of the Blazing Drake dropped and I rolled a 4.” I blame Slice for your poor dice skills.


  5. telanarra says:

    Again I will reiterate IMO if a person suggest another person needs to swap specs in order to better game a mechanic then the suggester should re roll their toon in order to game said mechanic.


  6. Stories like this are why I never joined a raiding guild. Well, one of the reasons, anyway.


  7. Arvash says:

    Try the SR strat, brute force EVERYTHING! Lol…oh yeah, we don’t stack well either =(


    • repgrind says:

      Ugh. You’re giving me flashbacks of the Yor attempts the other night. That fight made me want to go cry in a corner. Kinda like Spine does even on normal.


  8. slice213 says:


    Sad thing is…it works….


  9. dragonray says:

    Fire isn’t worth the money to change to it….the only reason i havent specced back into arcane is because I can’t be bothered spending the money (I am trying to save for MoP and the surely unaffordable next level of flight speed…maybe…hopefully)…might be time I started doing dailies again :)

    At the end of the month when your payment comes out, you have to decide if this is what you want, and essentially, if you don’t feel you want to chase heroic modes with people who are not at that level yet, don’t do it. It is not like you have ever cowered from doing what needs to be done :)

    I am just jealous you are even at a point where heroics are being entertained!


  10. […] so does my ability to nail down things that are bothering me, like my lack of interest in heroic raiding. (I’m not bothered that I don’t want to raid heroics, I’m bothered that the […]


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