Day 3 Blogging Challenge

Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW

I started playing WoW in a cold month. I remember this very distinctly because, in a way, it’s why I started playing in the first place.

The index finger on my right hand decided to mutiny one particularly frigid day. Theories abounded about the cause: it was gout, it was arthritis, it was tissue damage, it was aliens.

The cause has never been identified, but the result was the same: I couldn’t move the finger without incredible fucking pain. I’ve put a knife in my hand, busted my nose, broken an arm, all sorts of stupid things that hurt like hell but nothing really compared to this unidentifiable pain.

At the time, I was playing a Korean MMORPG called Rappelz. Movement in Rappelz was all point and click. Targeting was clicking. Interacting with anything was clicking. Combat was hotkeyed to the function keys (Alt+F4 was a real hotkey in that game). But if you weren’t standing perfectly still in battle, you were clicking. I also had an office job that required a lot of clicking and typing.

To ease the pain, I drastically cut back on my time in Rappelz. It was only so fun to sit and chat with my friends while they were doing cool shit.

A friend and his wife had been playing WoW for a bit and extended a trial invitation.

I had always steadfastly refused to play WoW because it was a subscription-based game. What if I don’t have time to play that month? That’s $15 wasted, I’ll just stick with my FTP game. Turns out I had a lot of time to spend online. And then I realized that I was having to dump $50 or more a month into this “free to play” game just to remain competitive.

What the hell? I’m not doing anything of note in Rappelz right now, I can try to poke around in WoW and try it out.

I wanted to make a blood elf warrior. A coworker had shown me a picture of a blood elf paladin in raiding armor and I wanted that, but paladin sounded a little complicated, I just wanted to beat things with a sword.

Turned out to be a moot disappointment (no belf warriors back then) as my friends were playing Alliance. So I made a night elf warrior, thoroughly expecting to toss him aside as a practice character and start a “real” character later. (Eolair made it into his 60s, when the cap was 70, before being replaced by Arioch.)

Character creation was simple enough and then I was transported into the world with full-blown narration of my story! Being a Korean game, Rappelz had no voice acting (maybe it did in Korea, but the written engrish was bad enough).

Due to the limited mobility in my right hand, I was in the process of relearning how to use a mouse with my middle finger on left click and ring finger on right. I still use my mouse like that to this day.  Thankfully, WoW offers WASD movement, something Rappelz did not. I was able to slowly make my way around the starting area, gingerly clicking on things as needed.

My first realm was an RP one… there was a “gal” in the nelf starting area attempting to seduce all the freshly made night elf males. I wasn’t surprised and just ignored her.

The colors! The sounds! I had trouble figuring out how to move the camera at first so I spent a lot of time running up to something and then looking around. And I wanted to look at EVERYTHING. The ground. The trees. That bird that flew past.

I think I managed to make it into Darnassus that first night, ignoring the pain in my hand.

I was hooked.

Even though I bleed red and black, I will always have a special place in my heart for that first moment when I walked into Daranassus (after getting caught up on a lamp pole) and being swept away by the music and alien – yet perfectly familiar and homey – architecture.


4 comments on “Day 3 Blogging Challenge

  1. telanarra says:

    “Theories abounded about the cause: it was gout, it was arthritis, it was tissue damage, it was aliens.” I think the winning theory was demonic possession.


  2. Your first day in WoW is surprisingly similar to mine, at least the in-game events. The out of game reasoning, not so much.

    I, too, started as a Night Elf. A priest, in my case.Which, ironically, turned out to be possibly the class I find least enjoyable out of the entire game. Thankfully, I switched to an Undead mage soon after, and my interest in the game really took off.


  3. tirthedk says:

    Or squirrels….


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