Day 6 Blogging Challenge

Day 06 – Your workplace/desk (photo and/or description)

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re skipping Day 5 for now.)

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go!

Apparently the word is “blurry” a thousand times over…

The focal point of the picture is *obviously* the kitten Isis sitting on my chair. This is one of her favorite games, breaking the speed of sound to vault herself into whatever spot she thinks I’m about to sit in. It’s gotten to the point where she sends that chair rolling across the floor as all of her little 10 pounds hits it at Mach 5.

The chair itself was a rescue from a previous job. The company got bought out by a company in another state and our positions were considered redundant. (Want to beat the competition? Buy them!) They didn’t want to pay to ship or store all the office supplies so they ordered everything to be chucked in the dumpster. Our last days there were spent loading up on as many supplies as we could conceivably carry. I still have a crapton of staples, tape dispensers, etc. that was just going to get junked.

My gaming area is decidedly on the compact side, but that doesn’t bother me.

I use the docking station for my work laptop to serve as monitor stand (intended purpose) and paperwork caddy (unintended purpose, but the designers probably didn’t have a 15 pound cat demanding a significant portion of their desk space).

You can see one speaker on the left, behind the soda can. The matching speaker should be visible on the right. But it’s on the ground, thanks to the kitties.

The crazy contraption to the left of the monitor on the wall is a wire mesh paperwork shelf that Tir rigged with some fans. It holds the router and cable box, keeping them cool in the summer.

The blue glow at the bottom right is coming from my tower. Next to that is a bookcase that I’ve stuck a 3M hook on (seriously, those things are the SHIT!) to hang my authenticator and headphones when not in use.

So that’s where my butt is parked when playing WoW and writing this blog.

2 comments on “Day 6 Blogging Challenge

  1. Tirael says:

    And reading comics and watching failblog/YouTube videos and laughing hysterically at concrete polisher wrangling.


  2. zarigar says:

    I was going to say, your monitor stand looks awfully familiar…


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