Button Pounding DK Scrub

Good band name?

We’ll get back to the regularly scheduled 20 days of WoW Blogging after I do some blogging about WoW.

Ironic, no?

Anyway, I have a feeling that my secret-DK project (which really needs a cool code name) is going to be ripe for the blogger fodder.

Got Slave Pens.


There is a disease running rampant through the group. One that saps 25 strength. That’s more strength than I have on most of my gear pieces, I could just run around without my pants for less effect. And when your party is all melee, it starts to take a bit longer to kill things.

But, have no fear! Our healer is a priest.

Yeah, disease. 5 minute duration. All the melee have it. So… can we get this taken off sometime this dungeon?

I pipe up in chat, “so what level do priests get the ability to remove disease?” I mean, it has been a while since I leveled a priest. I remember leveling an alt and getting very miffed at a mage for not offering a port at the end of the run (before LFD, mind you). Thankfully I didn’t say anything in chat because it turns out they were a level or 2 too short to actually do that yet.

Get this, the tank pops up with, “only mages and druids can remove curses.”

Wait, what? I scroll back up to make sure I didn’t somehow type “DISEASE” as “CURSE.” Nope, I’m good. Tank is on crack. I’m talking diseases. Take your voodoo elsewhere.

No response from the priest. So I ask him directly, by name.

“I don’t have that.”

Whatever, I don’t get Unholy Presence until level 70, maybe Cure Disease got pushed way back too, although that would be stupid.

Curious, I check it out after the run.

Level 22.

That’s what level they learn Cure Disease.

“I don’t have that,” my ass.

On a related note, I’m rather poor on this server, what with the not muling crap over.

I’ve managed to scrape together enough for my flying and old world flying to better facilitate my flower picking and rock beating.

I sort of forgot about glyphs along the way. Hell, I couldn’t even afford to get all my training at each level. Thankfully, tank-specific rune forges and Path of Frost aren’t really that important.

But I did start feeling naked without glyphs. I spent 4 gold to buy some strength gems and then some of my auctions sold so I had a bit of gold to spare for glyphs.

Tir still had an unholy spec so I was using that as my template.

Glyph of Death Coil? I can get that for decently cheap.

Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell? I don’t even have that ability yet so I’ll pass.

Glyph of Scourge Strike? I don’t have that one either, so that would be silly to get.


Scourge Strike.

Hmmm…. I *think* I should already have that ability. Right?


No clue when I got it. No clue how it was not on my bar. I’m practically obsessive about learning new skills. As each one gets learned, I pull it out of my spell book and place it on a bar in the middle of my screen. When all the abilities are learned for that training session, I decide where they all go and make any necessary macros. Then I scroll back up and check off each one as it appeared in the chat pane. Then I talk to the trainer again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Then I go through the spellbook and see what level I get my next spiffy. Maybe obsessive isn’t the right word… neurotic perhaps?

It was an absolute shame. I had a beautiful rotation worked out that flowed so smoothly. I was almost always leading the meters. Except for that hunter 4 levels above me. How the hell did he end up in our dungeon?

I shared my folly with a certain mohawk-haired individual who called me a “button pounding DK scrub.” He’s such a kidder.

So yeah, I was a noob. However, I maintain that my noobness was less of a detriment to the functionality of the party than the priest that spent 41 levels not knowing he could cure disease. And I found it myself without having to be called out in a group. But yeah, I was a noob. I wonder if I ended up in someone else’s blog as “that dumb DK that never used Scourge Strike”?

2 comments on “Button Pounding DK Scrub

  1. Tirael says:

    Scourge Strike is something you get from spec’ing as unholy.


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