Of Deserter Debuffs

More crazy adventures of my top-secret DK!

One of my earlier runs was in Ramps.

OK, MANY of the earlier runs were Ramps, I thought that’s all I was going to get until I was eligible for Utgarde and then maybe Stonecore for all of eternity after that.

Ramps is generally a well-designed dungeon.

It’s short, has easy access back to the quest givers once the dungeon is completed, there aren’t an insane amount of trash pulls, the pulls require a little care for an undergeared or underskilled group, and it’s fairly linear.

The only big problem that Ramps has is the first patrol.

If you zone in and a party member takes 4 steps forward to be in range of the quest giver, they are now in range of the patrol at the end of his path. And he pulls the first two guards with him.

All hell breaks loose which sucks when your tank hasn’t loaded or the healer is still in their DPS spec.

So I zone in to one such group. We clean up the first three mobs and the healer says, “wait a minute, I need to get something,” and promptly zones out to a major city.

OK, no problem, we can chill for a second.

Except the mage has gone up to the next pair of guards and has sheeped one.

OK, no problem, CC doesn’t pull anymore.

Except I can hear the all-too familiar sound of an Arcane Blast being charged up,

OK, no problem, he’s going to stop cast it before doing something stupid.

Except he doesn’t.

And then he goes on to pull the next group, which triggered the patrol that was at its furthest point of its path, which in turn pulled the next group after that.

We have no healer and an unprepared tank.

The mage deservedly dies. The tank is about to die, I pop into blood presence, hit my plant-picker heal, and even chug one of those life/runic power potions you get from tossing skulls into a cauldron in the DK starting area.

When the dust settles, the tank and I are still standing, the other DPS is dead with the mage, and the healer is standing there asking, “what the hell happened?”

I respond, “we have a trigger happy mage.”

Tank says, “ya.”

Mage says, “…”

We get the dead off the ground and regroup.

Before you can count to 5, the mage and other DPS are screaming at the tank to “gogogogogo” and “OMG why are you taking so long?”

The tank drops group.

To which the others express shock and dismay. Why would he do that?

I answered that it is because of people like them being dicks to tanks and healers that we don’t have enough of them in the queue.

I know my spot was filled within seconds of leaving and those asshats probably will never change, but the deserter debuff was a far preferable punishment than completing a dungeon with raging jackasses.


One comment on “Of Deserter Debuffs

  1. Leit says:

    Moral of the story: DKs are OP at that level. :D

    If you’re still planning on levelling your warrior, expect to see a lot of players like that. With no reason to act like actual human beings, these cretins seem to assume that others – especially the support roles – are playing the game solely for their benefit.


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