Still pretending to be a parent to Tir’s son so still no time to log on. (My parental status will change by or before July 7th. For those of you that just can’t stand to not read me in my WoW absence, I do have a blog chronicling my experiences: . No hurt feelings if you don’t check it out.)

I do make an effort to raid one night a week.

So here’s how that’s played out:

April 6th – told them I wouldn’t be there.

April 13th – sick as a dog, told them I would return the following week.

April 20th – “oh, we thought you weren’t raiding at all for the next couple months so we replaced you.”

April 27 – “we found stupid people so here’s your spot back!” At this point, I expected to be scraping the bottom of the charts – I hadn’t raided in almost a month. Nope. Fighting the hunter for first. Even on fights like Blackhorn and arcane sucks for that fight.

May 4th – log on to some bullshit GMOTD regarding WEEKLY guild meetings and the requirement to attend at least one a month to remain a raider. All the week-day meetings are at 4 PM my time – that’s work hours. And I can’t really do weekends while trying to keep a 2-year-old from getting more glue in his hair. I spoke to the GM (or co-GM, I can’t figure it out anymore) and explained my schedule situation. She agreed to keep me posted and that I didn’t have to attend. The guild meeting held that week was just talking about PvP anyway. Still killing on the meters even though I literally log on once a week to flip auctions and do DS10.

May 11th – log on and join raid just in time to see it converted to a 25-man. WTF? We have 15 people logged on, including people already in DS or not at 85. Apparently people are bitching about not getting to raid so the decision was made to move to 25 on Friday night. But, oh wait, WE ONLY HAVE 15 PEOPLE LOGGED ON!!!

Apparently the notification for the change was done hit or miss in guild chat and a page was added to the guild site. The guild site that no one has posted anything to since February 21st (which was a question directed to the guild leadership that was never answered). And since it was a page added under a drop down menu, unless you were told where it was or made a habit of clicking everything on the site you would never find it. No mailing in game, no in-game calendar. Just a hidden roster with no date on it.

So I’ve been kicking it in Org for the last hour while leadership is off in another vent channel deciding the fate of the 12 people in the raid.

PUGs are joining. I whispered the raid leader that if we’re pugging half the raid I’m logging.

I’m a little peeved.



4 comments on “Intermission

  1. Leit says:

    We’ve got a similar issue with about 4 or 5 guys wanting to raid DS normal, so we’ve been putting up normal runs on the calendar. Problem is that means we need prog raiders’ alts to make up the bulk of the second raid, which isn’t going to happen if it’s on the same night as a prog raid, and the prog raiders started resenting the unimaginative AoE-hole that is DS weeks ago already so they don’t really want to raid it more than once a week. To the point where at least one of the guys blew off the alt raid to grind netherwing rep of all things. >.<

    There's not a lot that you can do if events are organised but don't get support. Apart from play pug roulette of course, and if you're missing slots like 'tank' and '2 healers', that's a dangerous game.

    Sounds like your leadership isn't too clear on this whole 'communication' thing. Good luck.


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