Great Minds

Think alike.

Not sure how to explain how three of us ended up taking the same screen shot in Diablo 3, however…

Here’s mine:

Can we make this a meme? Show us your D3 rainbow or something?

In other news – well, other D3 news – my barbarian has completed normal mode.

OMG cinematics! I don’t think I can say that enough. Fuck a live-action WoW movie. Take the cinematics team and let them do it all.

I think I had a total of 6 deaths in normal mode, including an incredibly bone-headed job of dropping my health potions trying to swap out the lower ones for better ones while in combat with an elite and a champion pack. Oops. I died once to a mini-boss, but other than that all deaths were trash related.

Trash is hard.

Moved into nightmare mode.

Fuck, trash is hard.

Having a blast with my barbarian. Helps to take the sting out of not raiding.

Oh yeah, showed up to raid on Friday.

Took them 45 minutes to finally tell me that we were just running 3 bosses in Firelands for the warlock’s staff.

They promise I’ll get mine someday. Don’t think I believe them.

8 comments on “Great Minds

  1. repgrind says:

    I didn’t even *think* to take screenshots until I got to that spot and then I was like “Wow! I have to screenshot this.”


  2. zarigar says:

    Why only 3 bosses? Doesn’t it go quicker if you kill more?


  3. That’s a very popular waterfall.


  4. Erinys says:

    So far I’ve only taken about eight screenshots of Diablo but I have one of me and my Templar standing in that exact spot :p


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  6. […] with a tradition, I took a rainbow screen […]


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