Dipping the toes in

I actually logged in to WoW this weekend!

And was too tired after 3 days of cleaning to do much of anything.

So I started at the bottom of the roster and logged in to each toon, desperately trying to remember if I had left mail sitting on them.

Looks like I may have lost a bunch of Netherweave bags. As it was, I barely caught my returns from the AH before they expired. I’m down to about 60 or so auctions, a far cry from the few hundred I used to run. I’ll have to get my AH data back up and running.

I logged on to Arioch and Selwyn last, dreading what I might be logging in to.

7 people on, not bad, the co-GM being one of them.

Let’s see if I was demoted as the angry GMotD was threatening last time I was on.

Huh. Selwyn was a Raider. Now he’s a Soldier. And Arioch went from Core Raider to Crusader.

Get a whisper from the co-GM. ZOMG she’s not AFK.

Long story short, she dumped the other co-GM for failure to be a supportive partner when she needed it and for just generally being an immature asshole. (Pro tip: If your long distance fiancee calls with news that her mother has died, the correct response is NOT, “I have to raid now.”)

So he’s gone. She passed lead off to someone else in the guild for a while so she can get her life sorted out (it was the new leader’s idea to meddle with the rank names).

And I realized that the sky lightened up a little bit. The cloud of despair isn’t quite gone yet, but I think the awkward dynamics of the leadership’s relationship was a huge factor in the bad vibe of the guild.

We’re down to raiding one night a week, just 10s – no stupid pretense of being able to pull off a 25. Not sure if there’s room for me, but I’ll show up and see what the new atmosphere in the guild is all about. Even if I don’t get to raid it might be nice to hang out in vent and work on some achievements.

There might be light at the end of this tunnel that isn’t an oncoming train.


9 comments on “Dipping the toes in

  1. Telanarra says:

    Silly ari its always the train. :)


  2. zarigar says:

    so mains are called Soldiers now?


  3. slice213 says:

    Selwyn is the new main? XD


  4. Telanarra says:

    Zari i recommend carrying something shiny and or rare meat to distract her with.


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