Looking forward to MoP

I noticed the other day that I feel different about this upcoming expansion.

Not bad-different.

Not good-different.

Just different.

It’s not apathy, perhaps relaxation?

Make no mistake about it, I am looking forward to MoP.

But why?

I have no strong feeling about pandas. I can see both sides of the panda-monium arguments, but don’t really care. I have played a little of a panda and they are one of the few races that I enjoy playing a female character. The voice isn’t quite what I was hoping for, but it’s not abrasive or obnoxious. The range of facial expressions is impressive and movement in general is nice to watch.

But I’m not going to race change to a panda. I don’t think Selwyn has forgiven me for the last time we did that. And as cute as their hair is (with color streaks now!) nothing beats pointy ears framing that fox tail.

Monks? Eh, I’m curious to play another “heal you in the FACE” class but don’t think I’ll be swapping mains any time soon. And just for the record, because I know there will be a bunch of comments regarding my main (which is the MAGE, dammit!) – I hate you all so very, very much. Just like DKs, I expect the servers to be flooded until the nerf hammer slams down and then they dry up.

I think my excitement comes from getting to explore the new content on Arioch (my MAIN) first.

When Wrath hit, I didn’t have a priest. I had never raided. Everything was new and exciting on my one and only character.

But as Wrath progressed, I branched out. Started raiding. Rolled a healer. We all make mistakes.

By the time Cataclysm came around, I was what some would consider a hardcore progression raider – on my priest.

To stay competitive in the guild, I had to try to level as quickly as possible on my raiding character. As a disc priest it wasn’t impossible, but it wasn’t always very pleasant. And I was sick as a dog to boot; I think the autumn midnight release was an attempt to kill me. Oh, and work was being a bitch.

So I raced through content as quickly as I could smite it just to get to raiding end game.

I did get to go through it again later with Arioch at a much more leisurely pace. But for all the new areas I explored and secrets I uncovered, that initial “OOOOH! SHINY!!!” wasn’t quite there. I already knew the story and found myself accepting quests without reading anything, just relying on the quest tracker to tell me what to kill and where to kill it.

But this time around I’ve already made the decision to be a raider. Not hardcore. Not casual. Just a raider. And I’ll get there when I feel like it on the character I want. (Which, just so no one will be confused, will be Arioch.)

What about you guys? Racing to the finish line of 90 or stopping to smell the peacebloom? Any plans to change mains?


9 comments on “Looking forward to MoP

  1. slice213 says:

    /inserts joke about Selwyn being a main.

    Still sticking with the priest I think, although Mistwalker is appealing to me as well.

    But glad to see to you back in game. Say Hi to Tir for me!


  2. Prinnie Dood says:

    I secretly find pandas kind of horrifying, so I doubt I’ll ever roll one, but you never know. Sometimes craziness takes over.


  3. Telanarra says:

    “And just for the record, because I know there will be a bunch of comments regarding my main (which is the MAGE, dammit!)”

    This does not compute!


  4. SirFWALGMan says:

    For Cata I limped through with my main.

    I am going to do the same here. Basically speed level my professions as best I can, but slowly, nicely enjoy leveling my main.. and also starting a new Panda Monk with the 11th slot they give us. :). Still can not decide if I should keep her with my 10 alliance or make a Horde.


  5. arvash29 says:

    I’ll be leveling my pally first to cap, so that he’ll be ready for raiding, then maybe a couple alts that have professions that are essential to keeping the gold flow incoming. Eventually, I’ll also be rolling a Brewmaster Monk to try out that particular style of tanking.


  6. zarigar says:

    So who is your main?


  7. Leit says:

    With great numbers of alts…

    My fiancee will likely want to alternatively slack off and level her main as fast as possible. That means dungeon speed levelling for at least one of my toons, probably the priest. Which leaves the rogue and pally to hit the different zones while they level.

    Everything else will probably take its time creeping up afterwards.


  8. I want to take my time getting to endgame this time. I feel I rushed too much in Cataclysm — though I was still slower in leveling than most of the people I know. After Cata, I’m not too eager to start doing heroics before everyone’s decently geared anyway.

    I’ve abandoned my mage, so I’ll focus on my rogue and my lock. I want to get my paladin up to level cap at some point, but hopefully not too early. Healers have a way of eclipsing your other characters whether you like it not, as you well know.

    Also gonna make a monk (probably brewmaster MS with windwalker OS), but I don’t know how far I’ll level him.


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