Dumbshit Move of the Year Award

Goes to me!

So I’m doing some dailies out in Hyjal because I still am not done with all that Molten Front crap and I come across a rare sparkly owl.

He’s pretty high up, but that’s no problem.

I’ll just smack him with an instant, Slow Fall to the ground, and pick up the fight there.

Everything goes as planned and I’m gracefully floating to the ground with an angry owl hot on my fox tail…

My finger strays to the Arcane Blast key.

How could that possibly cause an issue?

Because this is what is macroed in to my Arcane Blast:

/cast [mod:shift] Presence of Mind
/cast Arcane Blast
/cancelaura Slow Fall

I can hear you asking, “Arioch? What the hell is a cancelaura on Slow Fall doing in your AB macro?”


Remember the Ragnaros fight in Firelands?

Remember how mages often get put on trap-bitch duty?


There was a time when blinking through traps was bugged up as all hell for me. And then there were spots where blinking just wasn’t going to work (on CD or likelihood of sending me neck deep into some other sort of bad) so I had this little gem.

What was happening was that I would pop a trap, fly up, cast Slow Fall *right* before I went splat. This put me in the air for the least amount of time.

But at some point, much to my surprise the first night, Blizzard removed the part of Slow Fall where it gets cancelled when you take damage.

So Slow Fall would be ticking away on me as I went in to the next trap.

I would fly up and float gently halfway to the floor as I frantically try to figure out why I’m not falling like a rock. End result was that I would be wasting cast time, try to cancel the Slow Fall, but couldn’t get the new one up in time before I went splat.

So I made a macro to safely cancel the aura as soon as I landed and could start nuking again.

Apparently it serves double duty to allow me to pull the rare, flail on the keyboard, plummet like a lead brick, die, and get back in time to see someone else getting credit for it.

You’re welcome.

(And I FINALLY opened up the Shadow Wardens. I can’t even remember if that was the side I wanted first. Or do I even get a choice? I can’t remember where I left off on all this shit.)


14 comments on “Dumbshit Move of the Year Award

  1. Leit says:

    That rare’s one of the stupid hunter tame challenges. Drops only a tear. Basically a cockslap in the face for anyone not playing one.

    Couldn’t you just, y’know, blink before you hit the ground…?


    • Telanarra says:

      Leit of course she could have if not for the utter panic the plummet caused :)


    • Leit says:

      And here I was thinking Slow Fall was a panic button. :D (I know, most everyone’s taken it off their bars since FL…)

      Watching hunters tame the thing is mildly hilarious. Barring a flexweave underlay, the preferred method I’ve seen involves figuring out how to land on the very tip of a single tree-branch, then tame before the owl gets ya. That branch-tip really makes me wish I could LoF outside my party…


  2. Telanarra says:

    Yayy for once it wasn’t me getting the award :)


  3. L2 ice block, noob!

    :P I kid, I kid.


  4. Arioch says:

    There were probably a dozen things I could do prior to hitting the ground. Unfortunately, my brain process went something like: Drifting… not drifting… what is that? falling fast? Plummeting! huh, that’s not good. Wait, how did that happen? What the fuck?

    Of course I went splat somewhere in the middle of that monologue. I do think I tried pressing the Slow Fall key again after I was dead. Didn’t help much.


  5. Lyrestra says:

    Why would you try to kill that bird in the first place ? =(

    The hunter in me is very sad.


    • Arioch says:

      Because rares usually drop nice things and/or are part of an achievement. I did check to make sure there were no hunters on in guild before I killed myself.


  6. Lyrestra says:

    Those rare only drop the tear thing. It’s not even worth it. I hate that blizz has made some rare drop nice stuff so that hunter not only have to “fight” each other to tame them, but also every other person on the server who thinks they drop stuff.


    • Leit says:

      I hate that blizz made most of the rares in Cata drop Tears instead of useful BoE gear like in the past, and I routinely kill every single one that I can to piss off entitled huntards who feel the need to whine about how it’s for them and them alone.

      There’s even still a loading screen tip that helpfully explains, and I quote, “A monster with a silver dragon around its portrait is a rare monster with better than average treasure”. Nothing there about only being for one class out of ten.


  7. zarigar says:

    you should have cast Levitate


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