Hoarding or Preparing?

It suddenly dawned on me.

MoP is almost here.

Seeing the release date didn’t do it for me.

Putting in my pre-order for my collector’s edition didn’t make it click.

Skimming pages of beta information didn’t make it real.


It was waiting to see if I would get a spot in the raid and wishing they would hurry up and form the raid so I would know if I could go FARM.

Farm what?

I didn’t know.

But I was antsy because I needed to be stuffing my private guild bank (already bulging at the seams) with MORE.

More what?

Herbs? I guess? Ore? Gems? Maybe? Cloth?

So after waiting an hour to find out I don’t get a raid spot, it was off to my farming bitch, er, poor Kaayn, to circle various zones aimlessly and try to decide what and how much of it I needed.

I’m not planning on rushing at break-neck speed to max-cap, but I would like to have some mats laying around to zip through the first few points of my professions that will still rely on Cata mats.

Let’s break it down.

Kaayn has dual gathering, mining and flower-picking. In MoP, he is at least 3rd in line to be leveled – at least deliberately. His leveling will take place primarily through farming and any quests that have to be completed to open new zones. So no hoarding required for him.

Arioch is tailoring and enchanting. So I need cloth right off. That’s a little more difficult for Kaayn to farm. I think it’s more efficient to take Arioch out and make use of his extra-cloth gathering skill. Enchanting will just have to level with the tailoring items I make while leveling and items I pick up. So other than some cloth and enchanting mats I collect gathering cloth, not much to stash for Arioch.

Selwyn. Oh, Selwyn. Alchemy and Jewelcrafting. Herbs. Lots of herbs. And ore – prospected into lots of gems. But how much of each?

And then there’s Jhaelen, my scribe. He’s not max cap for Cata, so I’m not too worried about being ready to push his professions. Besides, I haven’t been able to keep up on all the inscription changes, but it looks like the profession is getting torn to pieces and rebuilt. I don’t want to get stuck sitting on a bunch of piles of scrap paper like last patch that tweaked some glyphs.

I think I’m going to see if I can get at least 500 of each herb type and a metric ton of volatiles. Gems… little more fuzzy on my goal. Is 1 stack enough of each? 2? 10? And I have to keep some ore because some day I will get that damn pattern to make the Vial of Sand. If I ever actually get around to farming it up.

So, has any one else been bit by the “running out of time to get shit done” bug?

What are you hoarding in preparation?


One comment on “Hoarding or Preparing?

  1. Darraxus says:

    The only thing I am stocking up on is ink for glyphs and cheap glyphs. I expect to make a killing on the first day of the pre expansion patch.


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