Once is a fluke

(This post was supposed to go up about a month ago, right after the post about me falling to my death… but I got sidetracked…)

Twice is a coincidence.

Three times is a trend.

Remember my dumbshit moment the other week?

Well, I didn’t plummet to my death this time, but I’m one step closer to a trend of stupidity.

Getting back in to raiding and I’m told that the raids are starting at 8:30 server on Tuesday.

So Tuesday I show up at 6:30 local. Get an invite almost immediately and chill in Org while we fill in the remaining spots.

Kill shit. Run out of time.

Agree to pick up the raid at 8:30 server on Friday.

So Friday I show up at 6:30 local.

Huh. No invite. Looks like there’s already a full raid group in DS.

Whisper the raid leader and get the auto-response from DBM.

On Spine? We left off staring at Ultraxxion. I’m only 2-3 minutes late. How the hell did they get that far?

Whisper the tank, “did you guys start early tonight?”

“Actually, we started late.”

Odd. I showed up at the same time as Tuesday, what the hell? I chat with her for a few more minutes and then it dawns on me.

I’m in Pacific. This server is Eastern. My old server was Central. I was counting time for the wrong server. They just happened to start an hour late on Tuesday.

My bad!


3 comments on “Once is a fluke

  1. Telanarra says:

    Telling Time is hard stuff!


  2. wolfgangcat says:

    I hear you – I have the same problem and yes, telling time can be confusing when factoring in different server times, local time, and then adjusting all the times for DST.

    We don’t do DST but I still have to know when it is because everyone else does. Sometimes I’m one or two hours ahead, sometimes I’m one or two hours behind and that’s not enough to know – you also have to know which servers you’re ahead or behind.

    Yeah, I’ve missed a few myself because there was a time change and I didn’t know. Since we don’t change times there are no local announcements to give one a head’s up.

    Probably should use a flipping spread sheet :D


  3. Lufitoom Dawnrage says:

    Happens to me all the time. I am constantly confirming the times with people on my server!


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