Another night of farming

Interrupted by a raid!

That’s right, folks, I got to raid Tuesday night.

Drumroll please…

I went in to Kara and tried to get that stupid mount again.

That counts, right?

Actually, I really did get to raid current content – full clear of DS.

I log in and am greeted by a whisper from the GM asking me to talk with her new raid leader about my raid spot.

He’s putting together a 10-man DS run for the evening, and after getting the OK from the 10-man that I don’t get to raid with, I’m in the raid.

Funny thing, I found out why I don’t get to raid with the other group.

Turns out the raid leader for that group has a wife.

She plays a mage.

So guess which mage gets to go to DS with that group?

That’s right, the one that apparently can’t out-damage the tank.

Because, you know, Tir always drug me along because he loves me. That’s what good raid leaders do, right?

Oh wait, I could hold my own on the charts and, let me assure you, he’s always been most forthcoming with feedback on my performance.

So anyway, the GM has this friend that came back to raid with her after the massive drama and exit of the previous co-GM (who happened to be her fiancé).

New guy is putting together a raid group for MoP and is starting to sift through what we’ve got to work with in guild. Silly GM talked up a storm about me while I was gone so I was on his list.

We drop Morchock and I hear, “Damn, Arioch, you’re a beast.”

Well of course I am! Have you seen this fox tail?

Oh, you were talking about the meters. I’ll take that.

I thought my performance was shit. A lot of arcane damage comes from mana management and with the nerfs and new raid comp my timing was all over the place for regen cycles. I could have done better if I realized how much faster shit was going to die. The view is nice from the top of the meter, just better when I’m doing it right.

We cycled through a few pugs throughout the evening and I met a disc priest that made me cry with his spell usage. 1 PW:Shield when healing the tank on Zon’ozz? Really?

There was the druid that had wanted to come on his paladin but he didn’t heal on the pally. Amazing how EVERY boss dropped the “one thing I needed out of here on my pally.” He left after not getting a drop off Ultraxxion.

And there was the rogue that left after getting all his clusters.

The Flash-healing disc priest stayed the whole time. Y U NEED INNERVATES EVERY FIGHT?

But in the end it was a full clear and a fun time was had by all except the whiny druid. And perhaps the mana-starved priest. Rapture. Look it up.

After the raid it was time to chat.

Anyone else get nervous when the raid leader and GM ask to speak to you in another channel?

I’ve already been pretty clear that I’m available on my MAGE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

First offer was for a spot with my mage in a 25-man on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with the understanding that I wouldn’t be available on Thursday.

And then the GM, bless her little bear-tank heart, piped up with, “I refuse to do 25-mans.”

A little haggling later and we’re down to “most likely be 10-mans and we’ll see about the days, depending on what group 1 does (that’s the one with the raider leader bringing his wife mage along) we may end up on Tuesday and Wednesday.”


They are hoping to start raiding 2 weeks after launch. Plans include setting up leveling groups so that dungeons and quests can be crushed out quickly.

It’s a faster time table than I was expecting… but I am taking a couple days off right after release…

So much for my casual plans.

I guess I’m still a raider at heart.


9 comments on “Another night of farming

  1. Darraxus says:

    I thought they werent releasing any raids with MoP? They were coming out in a future patch, slowly trickled down.


  2. slice213 says:

    1 PW:S and spamming Flash Heal? OMG…I need a beer after hearing that.

    Good to hear that you are stilling blowing up the DPS charts!


  3. Tirael says:

    Also, there is no patch, all the raids (Mogu’shan Vaults, Terrace of the Endless Spring, and Heart of Fear) will be in the game from release, but will open up (similar to the gates for Sunwell or iCC) on this schedule:

    MoP Release: Sept 25
    MSV: Oct 2
    TES: Nov 6
    HoF: Nov 6, with the condition that you completed TES prior


  4. dragonray says:

    YAY for getting back into a raid :) That is exciting!! I am glad you seem to be getting some recognition for a raid spot after all the other crap you have been through!!

    Just as a question what kind of beasty damage were you doing? DO you have logs or something that I can review to pick your brain?


    • Telanarra says:

      Dragon you want to stay as far away from her brain as you can its a deep dark scary place!!!!


  5. slice213 says:

    Server 1sts sounds exciting gl!


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