Cue Ominous Clouds

And some dramatic music…

Who is this masked man?

(OK, I get that it’s a hood not a mask but it sounds better with mask. Work with me. Creative license and such.)

Leave your guesses in the comments.

Except Tir. Because you know. And that would be cheating.

11 comments on “Cue Ominous Clouds

  1. Tirael says:

    No fair…I am gonna build a house in a tree and live in it since I can’t have funsies on the internets… /pout


  2. Telanarra says:

    If Tir builds a tree house can i chop down the tree when he is in it :)


  3. arvash29 says:

    It’s a trick question, you don’t play anything other than blood elves, lol.


  4. Arioch says:

    It honestly isn’t a trick question, I’ve written about this character before… and his end. Now it’s his beginning again. (bwahahahahahahahaha)


  5. […] Initri (the latest masked man): […]


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