The DK Plan

I’ve rolled a few DKs in my time.

Some even still exist.

And some have been brought back.


My current re-resurrected DK (because he was dead, and then brought back to life, and then “destroyed” in a faction change, and now he’s back – it’s all very complicated) has followed my same plan for all new DKs:

Get through the starting area.

Go to the capital city.

Pick up herbalism and mining.

Level professions while queuing for OL dungeons.

Farm until 3 things have happened: 1 – Turn level 60, 2 – Can purchase flight with gold made from farming, 3 – Can farm OL-level nodes.

The goal with the farming is to make some quick cash, get some extra XP, and have my gathering professions maxed for whatever “real” character I play on a new server.

(Because I’m pretty terribad at a max-level DK. I stomp dungeons in OL. I do OK in Wrath. It all falls apart in Cata. But I’m really good at picking flowers and hitting rocks with them.)

This DK is no different than any of his brothers, except perhaps for his anger, and after a successful day of farming I unloaded my pickings on the AH.

I log in the next day to see my earnings and find this gem in my mailbox:

I use Auctioneer. And I had actually scanned the AH for a couple days before I started tossing things on the AH all willy-nilly.

My nearly 4000 sightings of silver ore led me to believe that just shy of 6g was a fair price for me to list my 13 silver ore.

I’ve leveled Blacksmithing through the low levels a few times. Engineering once. Enchanting a couple times. Alchemy and Inscription and Jewelcrafting.

The only profession that actually goes around looking for silver ore is Mining – and only when trying to powerlevel through it. And if you’re attempting to powerlevel through a gathering profession you’re expecting to spend some money on it.

Silver bars are almost always available on the AH – usually at half the cost (including the ones that I posted from when I was finishing off the last couple points in that skill range).

So I ask you, was my price unreasonable for a server with a robust economy? (They all sold within 24 hours.)

Should I dignify Specialagent with a response? If so, what?

10 comments on “The DK Plan

  1. Tirael says:

    I think he was trying to say that you undercut the competition so much, that you bottomed out the market. You probably should have kicked the price up a bit.

    I would respond with:

    I am sorry I took all your money. :)


  2. zarigar says:

    I thought you made so many DKs because slaughtering defenseless townspeople was so much fun.


  3. SirFWALGMan says:

    It’s 13 silver ore man… that can not ruin anything.


  4. Darraxus says:

    Lol, hate mail is always fun….it is even better when it is for some niche market that you have no plans staying in. I would farm a bunch of it, and put up 100 stacks of 1 at a very low price just to mess with them.


  5. Cullucut says:

    That mail is ridiculous. How can one mess up the market with 13 ore? If it were really a problem he would have just just bought them out and relisted.


  6. arvash29 says:

    You should find out what else he’s selling, then go put 13 of that item on the AH, lol.


  7. Leit says:

    No no no… you’ve missed the subtlety! Obviously sLiver ore is a rare and valuable commodity. 13 of it must be a generous bounty… I mean, it’s so rare I can’t even find it on WoWHead.


  8. […] secret DK project got left behind as I moved over to a new DK for yet another not-quite-so-secret DK […]


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