Sorry for the odd posting times, just not organized enough to get shit done the night before.

This post doesn’t really have a purpose, just me rambling about current dramatic events.

I got to raid again on Tuesday!

But first, back track to last week, when I also raided on Tuesday.

That raid was not the “normal” Tuesday raid. The “normal” raid was postponed to Friday so that a certain someone, we’ll call him Raid Leader B, could attend.

Note – Raid Leader B is the guy that insists on dragging his wife, Mage M, along to raids even though she can’t DPS her way out of a wet paper bag. Strangely, he has the backing of Officer K, who used to raid lead the more progressive group and normally required that raiders pull their own weight.

So Raid Leader R, the new guy that came over to help our GM when her fiancé proved himself to be a steaming pile of excrement, put together a run on Tuesday for those of us that aren’t invited to the “normal” raid.

Also of Note: In my summer absence, things got pretty chummy in the guild. The guild notes now contain many real names and apparently there was much exchanging of phone numbers. Raid leaders were calling or texting people to verify attendance for a raid if they were late.

Anyway, much fun was had on Tuesday.

Then I got busy, didn’t log in over the weekend, and here’s where things get weird and I don’t have a lot of details.

Sometime between the Tuesday night raid and the postponed Friday night raid, Mage M did something inappropriate.

I don’t know what. But it was bad enough that the GM made a generic statement in the guild at the time it happened about it not being appreciated.

Knowing the GM, it was probably extreme vulgarity (we are often suggestive in our conversations, but not crude, we’re classy like that) or girl-drama (for lack of a better term and please may the feminists not eat me alive for this, but you know what I’m talking about – the women that give the rest of us a bad name with the blatant “give me attention and stuff in the game because I have a vagina” crap).

No action was taken. Just a reminder that we don’t want whatever it was in our vent/guild chat. Take it to private channels.

So the GM logged on Friday for the postponed “normal” raid – seeing as how she’s the main tank and all.

Raid Leader B and Officer K had managed to pug in a replacement for her and started early. No call. No text. Just iced her out of the raid. No explanation.

Another Note: Also during my absence, Raid Leader B seems to have rubbed quite a few people the wrong way in the guild. A few people have made comments about me being on the bench in Mage M’s place and a few other comments lead me to believe that perhaps Raid Leader B has not always conducted himself in a manner befitting a married gentleman towards some of our ladies. I could be reading in to that, like I said I don’t have a lot of details. A lot happened while I was gone and it’s obvious that some dynamics have shifted to just left of crazy.

So skip forward to this Tuesday.

I log in early, expecting to be benched again or maybe get lucky with another “odd-man-out” raid.

Logged on the Selwyn first, all intentions of getting the JC daily done.

Whisper from Raid Leader R is the first thing I see, in all caps, would I log over to Arioch they need me.

Whoa. WTF?

Get in to the raid and it’s most of the “normal” raid group, minus Raid Leader B and Mage M. (Officer K wanders in and out of raids as needed.)

And we went in to DS and killed shit.

Had a blast, got a new heroic on Arioch (apparently only Selwyn had done Ultraxxion), much fun and chatter and good times.

All the while, I had no idea about Friday’s raid.

We’re 3 bosses deep and Raid Leader B logs in. As does Officer K.

Next thing we know, it’s a conference in the officer vent channel between the GM, Raid Leader B, and Officer K. And a member of our raid brought in as an observer.

Raid Leader B was pissed. But still had no explanation for why he replaced the GM in the Friday night raid. The GM did apologize for starting the current raid without him and was, according to the observer, met with yelling and ranting about “all the guild rules that the GM had broken.”

OK, we don’t have many rules. Basically, treat people nice and don’t get too nasty or start begging/whining. Be courteous to your fellow raiders. Normal “don’t be a dick and try to show up on time” package.

This GM is the picture of nice. Maybe too nice.

Lacking any specifics about wrong-doing, the conversation wrapped up with Officer K saying he was thinking of leaving.

Sure enough, check the guild bank and he’s been a very busy little bee with the withdrawals prior to his logging out. (Which would be the only other rule we have, withdrawals are supposed to be cleared with the GM, the officers have withdrawal permission to make life easier, not to ransack the bank.)

The mood in our raid was pretty well untouched by the drama, short of us all dying to know what was being said in the officer channel. The general consensus is that we would all just be better off if that trio left.

My guess is that there was some sort of plot being hatched to use Mage M being called out as an excuse for Raid Leader B to make his leadership move with Officer K. I think it’s going to fail.

So… any other guilds trying to play the power struggle games before MoP?


5 comments on “Dramaz!

  1. No offense, but your blog is strengthening my conviction to never join a raiding guild if I can help it. Save the drama for real life, I say.


  2. Telanarra says:

    I say Huzzah for drama. bonus for it helping you out!!!


  3. slice213 says:

    B sounds like a real nice fellow…..

    Is his name Tel! jk jk!

    Hope it all works out!


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