The cat is out of the bag!

So quite some time ago, I made mention of a super secret DK project.

I never did come up with a cool code name for it.

Anyway, the secret DK had clawed his way up to level 82 in (mostly) secrecy. (Zar knew I was there.)

And then…

Life blew up with work and toddlers and other raids and kittens and rainbows (surprising amount of rainbows in D3).

The secret DK project got left behind as I moved over to a new DK for yet another not-quite-so-secret DK project.

But a chat with Zar reminded me of the languishing first DK (which is really my second DK, or third if you count that one over there… why do I keep making DKs?) and I decided to make the push to carry out my secret mission prior to MoP.

So a week was spent furiously leveling and then stuffing my bags full of PvP gear to queue with Tir cross-realm and start in on heroics.

I hate heroics.

Then it was holding on to spirit gear to get in to LFR.

(Just in my bags, I know spirit doesn’t help DKs. I stack intellect, duh.)

OMG. How can something that was supposed to be easier be so difficult?

I haven’t done LFR since it came out.

And I didn’t remember much of it at all.

Actually, Spine was the worst. I think I faked my way through the others, but not rolling and only killing one tentacle on Spine really threw me. I laid down and died and watched.

But finishing LFR and one more random heroic and I could get another piece of VP/JP gear…

And then Zar gets me an invite to the Crits Saturday 10-man DS.

I show up as what has to be the scrubbiest DK they’ve ever seen – only a meta gem and 3 reds to meet its requirement. Nary an enchant or a reforge was to be seen amongst my empty gear slots.

(If the raid had started in another 20 minutes or so there would have at least been gems and reforges, but I’m not able/willing to pay the highway robbery enchants are going for on that server.)

“So… is there room in your guild for a fail DK?”

I don’t think anyone batted an eyelash. An invite popped up.

I accepted it.


A dropped hint or two later and I think anyone who knows of me figured it out.

But it’s too late, I’m in your guild! You can’t stop me!

Now to just figure out exactly what I should do with this new-found power.

Maybe I’ll look in to doing better DPS.

Nah, if I start doing that I can’t be a fail DK.

6 comments on “The cat is out of the bag!

  1. Analogue says:

    Thanks for coming! Everyone else was too busy flailing to notice things like gems and gear :)


  2. repgrind says:

    Hahaha. I knew who you were before I typed in /ginvite
    Having ‘Arioch’ as your vent name isn’t very secretive ^.^


  3. Telanarra says:



  4. […] raid for Saturday night. We had a great time. Zari talked about it and we had a special guest star, Arioch, come help fill out our roster. And of course the lovely Bocat and Repgrind were there. But they […]


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