Hardened Heart

With the incoming expansion, it was time to admit that my baby paladin needed to get a move on.

I’m OK with being 1 expansion behind on my inscription, but 2 is a bit behind the curve.

He’s been lounging at 68 for what seems like forever now, and with the new revamp to all the classes I really didn’t have an excuse not to move forward.

Now, as you may be aware, I am not on an RP server. I don’t RP. But the characters I enjoy playing the most have developed little personalities in my mind.

Jhaelen is one of the younger brothers in my little belf family. He’s the naive one with the heart of gold – stop a battle to save a kitten sort of fellow.

Odd that I’ve never particularly seen him as a healer, he’s a tank in my mind; I just don’t have the confidence to make that leap yet. So on the few occasions he was allowed out of the city to pick flowers, he has always been ret.

I logged on to him being a mishmash of Outland purples (and I mean that literally, his gear was of a purple hue) and some *really* old stuff. Level 68 and he’s still got pieces from Scholomance. He did have an awesome axe, no clue where or when he picked that up.

The idea was to finish out Nagrand, like I usually do, and then toss him in to Northrend.

Got bored.

Queue for dungeons and start questing in Borean Tundra!

I felt the class was really missing something.

I wasn’t suffering from mana-starvation like I remembered from before, which was nice.

There were buttons to hit for single-target and buttons to hit for multiple targets, but there wasn’t a turbo boost option.

And then I got WINGS!

Suddenly, paladins became rather fun. I don’t know how they compare to what they were prior to 5.0.4, but if it was like this I can understand why some people level so many of them.

Play style aside, Jhaelen sort of went through a rite of passage. As his outlandish Outland gear was stripped away and replaced with the grittier gear of Northrend, his character changed.

By the time I got to the torture quest at Amber Ledge, he seemed to understand the greater evils of the world. There was a life at stake, one presumably better than the one bound to the chair. He made a judgement.

I don’t think he’ll turn all doom and gloom, but his sunny disposition has darkened a bit. If anything, he should fit in better with the family now. The others always did look at him a little oddly.

Back to playing, I finally broke down and shipped over my heirloom gear. The first couple levels flew by, but as soon as I ran out of rested XP the whole train came to a screeching halt. He looks a little more cheerful in the bright silver armor, but those pants are doing nothing for the outfit.

I don’t think a paladin will be taking front and center in MoP, but I may look to having quite a few more toons at max cap. Need to keep some options open for cross-realm raiding!

5 comments on “Hardened Heart

  1. Telanarra says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww RP :)


  2. Leit says:

    Ret pallies were almost nothing like now. :D There used to be huge, ugly, glaring sections of “OMG I can’t do anything” hanging around in our rotation until basically max lvl. It’s smoothed out really nicely now.

    Wings > everything forever.


  3. Leit says:

    Gah… and that axe appears to be the one from the final ring of blood quest in Nagrand. It’s a neat model, but kinda hard to match with it for mog.


  4. […] I was able to log in and putter around on several characters and ended up spending far more time on the pally than anticipated. (Pally is 75 and almost maxed inscription, the world may be coming to an […]


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