Honey, I Shrunk the DKs!

Has any one else noticed that their DKs, which have always been sized oddly on the character selection screen, are now minuscule?

I present the before and after 5.0.4 screen shots of my DKs:


Initri (the latest masked man):

And the biggest change was probably seen in my super-secret Crits project, Damun:

WTF, Blizzard?

Is this some sort of new nerfing system?

Was there an outcry on the forums I missed?

“QQ!!!111 Blizz, DKs are too OP on the character selection screen! My other characters can’t compete and I find myself feeling obligated to play the larger DK! QQ!!!1111”

Poor Damun went from RAWR!!! to *squeak*.

Kaayn already has enough mental baggage, he didn’t need this piled on top.

And Initri, well, Initri probably needed to be taken down a peg anyway. He scares me. And he’s managed to find a way to come back.

8 comments on “Honey, I Shrunk the DKs!

  1. slice213 says:

    I wonder why they shrunk the DKs?


  2. Telanarra says:

    “who’s a little frost knight”!


  3. Telanarra says:

    do they work as pets for the new pet battle system?


  4. Telanarra says:

    “I shall call him mini-me”


  5. Prinnie Dood says:

    Size change = I am pretty sure my goblin went from being a DK to being a toddler.


  6. Telanarra says:

    Obviously someone didn’t read the label for washing instructions


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