Into the Deep End

5.0.4 hits and it’s a doozy.

There were a lot of changes under the hood that caused most of my beloved add ons to asplode into tiny pieces.

And to their credit, the add on authors have pretty well all been on the ball with rolling out updates and fixes.

But it takes time and not every add on was ready to go Tuesday evening.

Matter of fact, it seemed like the entire game was not ready to go. I think my frame rate was in the negatives, and everything was prone to massive freezes.

I wisely called it a night and did other things while waiting for order to be restored in my virtual world.

By the long weekend, I was able to log in and putter around on several characters and ended up spending far more time on the pally than anticipated. (Pally is 75 and almost maxed inscription, the world may be coming to an end!)

And because I had Monday off (although I spent part of it working, way to celebrate Labor Day) Tuesday night’s raid invite came as a bit of a surprise.

I was standing at the target dummies, looking for one that wasn’t being blasted to smithereens, and the invite, immediately followed by the summons, came through. Raiding on an East Coast server usually means I’m barely done putting dinner on a plate when it’s time to zone in.

No problem, it’s just DS.

Oh, we’re doing heroics. All of them?


Do I have time to go back to town to straighten my rotation out?



We got through the first 5 before having to call it, netting me 2 new achieves. (H Zon’ozz and Hagara)

It was probably halfway through Zon’ozz when things finally started to click for me. Until that point I was spending time in between pulls frantically looking for a place to put Nether Tempest on my bar or moving my timer for it.

Wait, how do I clear stacks? They go to 6? Update that counter.

What happened to Arcane Concentration? Gone? Remove that counter.

Aaaaaghhhh!!!! Now my Nether Tempest timer is under the Arcane Missile proc graphic!

And speaking of Nether Tempest… First, I did not realize that it could be cast on multiple targets. Second, I do not like having a DoT that expires so quickly. I’m not sure I like having a DoT at all, makes me feel like a fire mage or worse – a warlock.

I had originally picked up Ice Floes with the logic that I like to move a lot during encounters and something like that would help me.

Except in practice, it turns out that most of my movement occurs during times I can’t really cast anyway due to range or facing issues. So I swapped that back to Presence of Mind for the continuation raid on Wednesday.

Mana consumption was… not what I expected. I had read that Arcane was completely unplayable prior to getting the level 90 mana regen talent and I was an idiot for sticking with it. The most common recommended rotation I saw for foolhardy mages like myself that refused to go fire involved not stacking Arcane Charge past 3 or 4.

And… I was swimming in mana. I hardly ever popped my gem (now with 10 charges!) or Arcane Torrent.

So I played more aggressively, pushing to 6 stacks with Blast, followed by any Missiles that procced, and then resetting the whole mess with a Barrage. I’m not sure if I should be casting those Missiles immediately or if it doesn’t make a difference to hang on to them… I should probably be casting them ASAP. I’ll need to schedule a trip to the target dummies this weekend.

I took Cauterize with Temporal Shield. So far it works great unless the tank has died and the boss is introducing me to floor personally. Cauterize may make me a tad more suicidal…

Oh, and mage tables with no assistance? No reagents? Hell yeah.

Second night I really picked it up with some reforging, a heroic ring from the previous night, and no flustered bar-rearrangement. Actually moved from the bottom into the top 2.

Got another achievement for H Lootship 2.0.

And then I blew up the entire raid on Heroic Spine!

I was assured it wasn’t my fault, apparently I didn’t get dispelled, but I offered to take all the credit. How often can I claim to take out 10 people at the same time?

We didn’t quite have the DPS for heroic spine, so we made him dizzy and completed the evening on normal.

All in all, pretty happy with how arcane is playing, just wish Nether Tempest lasted a little longer.


2 comments on “Into the Deep End

  1. Leit says:

    1-shot 9 other people?


    Anyway… I’m guessing you didn’t know that mage mana regen was temporarily bumped up by about 400% to compensate for not having the 90 talents around which your regen is apparently balanced. The overbuff is why you can play much more aggressively than the math-masters from the beta would suggest.

    Be thankful you’re not a firemage, my wife didn’t know about the new impact/pyroblast! interaction and was frantic about the loss of damage from not getting hot streaks anymore. :\ Took some reading to work out.


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