Of Kitties and Bombs

So Theramore has been destroyed in a scenario.

2 things:

  1. I like the concept of scenarios.
  2. I am not a huge fan of the downfall of Theramore as a scenario.

Let’s talk about scenarios first. Scenarios equal 3 people, no role requirements, in and out pretty fast. I imagine we could have failed if we tried, but that would have taken more effort than just completing it. (It may have been a gear issue, we had 2 mages and a prot pally – we blew shit up.)

That said, I spent most of my time in the scenario pulling up my map to see where the next target was. I was expecting more of the interface as used in CoS where an arrow directed you to the flag shown on the minimap to indicate your next goal. Perhaps I’ve got an add on blocking it, but it was a bit confusing at first.

Also, I had no fucking clue what I was doing there. Ultimately, [SPOILER] it seemed that my purpose was to rescue a Horde spy [END SPOILER], but I didn’t figure that out until the very end. I will say that I like that character and want to see more of him. He asks that you look him up next time you’re in Silvermoon, but I can’t find him. Maybe he shows up in MoP. Maybe I just got stood up. Whatevs.

The destruction of Theramore should have been given more attention than 10 minutes of blindly following the map and killing a few annoying soldiers. I mean, this is a HUGE deal. Garrosh obliterates an entire city. I still don’t know why, because I haven’t read the books, but he did it in grand explosive fashion. (I love my little mana bomb. The letter accompanying it is priceless.)

I’ve heard it’s a bit different on the Alliance side, but I’ve mostly heard that it’s just as disappointing for all the same reasons. I can’t even be bothered to figure out if my DK is appropriately geared enough to complete it.

I think scenarios will be an awesome addition to break the monotony of grinding more intense dungeons, but I feel this was a poor place to begin them. We’ve become rather accustomed to something cool happening to warm us up for the next release, this just felt like a big let down.

I did decide that the Theramore scenario does have a use. Finally got around to assigning talents on Selwyn and tossed myself in the queue for it again. Discovered that a spell name I used in a macro had changed, and hopefully got a bit of a feel for what healing is like now. Didn’t really notice a difference. But I could do it in under 10 minutes and not worry about being stuck with pugs from hell for 30 minutes.

Happier news about kitties!

And I don’t mean my precious little bundles of claws (The little girl has taken to trying to perch on my shoulder like a parrot. Except she’s a bit too big and I end up having to support her furry little butt to keep her from sliding down my flesh.)

After what has been probably 2 years of trying to set aside gold like a good little squirrel, I finally acquired my precious.

That’s right, the Swift Spectral Tiger is mine.

The price had plummeted to just below 350k last week and I was so close. But then the price started to climb again, back to 500k on the AH.

I was devastated. I wasn’t ever going to get my sparkle kitty.

But Tir sat in trade chat and finally found me a seller.

We’re pretty sure it was a gold seller, but he was willing to sell one for 305k.

So thanks to Tir I was able to run my traditional victory laps in Dal on my pretty new sparkle kitty. (Thank you,  sweetheart!)

What wonderful mount should I get next?


6 comments on “Of Kitties and Bombs

  1. arvash29 says:

    Grats on your new mount! Now you need to find someone who will sell you the pet and you’ll be complete!


  2. theerivs says:

    Wow 305k gold…I think I have 2000 to my name LOL, though I haven’t tried to make gold in some time


  3. wolfgangcat says:

    Grats on the mount! Yeah, the most I’ve got on one character is 2k gold. On the bright side, gold sellers aren’t going to bother with me :D


  4. I’m about to do a big post on Theramore on my blog, so I’ll save my full thoughts for that, but I’ll say this much: it’s much, much more fun if your team is all DPS.

    Also, the Alliance version is better.


  5. Darraxus says:

    Congrats on the mount. I considered buying both of them a while back but decided against it. I already got my coveted mount, which was the Magic Rooster Egg.


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