Add On – CameraPlus

I keep saying to myself that I need to start a feature about add ons on this blog… don’t have time for a full post right now but I did want to give an update from this post over here.


Available at Curse

Updated 10/01/12

Supports 5.0.5

Technically speaking, this is an add to assist people making movies in WoW. Taking screen shots is kind of like making movies, right? Just one screen at a time. I could make a crazy flip book! Anyway, its bestest feature is to remove name tags easily without jumping through the hoops of your interface menu.

Besides removing name tags with the push of a button it also allows for spiffy camera panning and zooming. I don’t care about any of the panning and zooming, just the name removal so that’s all I’ve tested.

(For my quick-zooming, I use the save and set camera keybinds in the standard key bind interface.)

When I tested the add earlier, there were some problems with the name removal due to the changes with the non-combat pets. (Battle pets are still considered non-combat pets. Anyone else think that’s goofy?) But the recent update has solved that and all names are being removed.

So if you like to have a perfectly clean and crisp, UI-less view when taking pictures CameraPlus seems to do the job just fine.

And here’s a random ping over to Jaellynn Evershade to make sure he gets the news about the updated add on. Enjoy!


2 comments on “Add On – CameraPlus

  1. […] Add On – CameraPlus, Arioch, clearcasting, 10/3/12. CameraPlus is an addon to help people make movies in WoW. Arioch likes its ability to remove name tags with a single click. I’m sold. […]


  2. doomedcow says:

    So, I haven’t been by in a while, imagine my surprise when the normal header looked different and even (gasp) had a different name. I’ll admit, I panicked. I clicked refresh and saw clearcasting pop up. Thank God! I then continued clicking refresh until I was pretty sure I had seen them all. /phew

    Glad to know yours is one of the ones still floating around.


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