A break from dailies


Day in.

Day out.


I wasn’t feeling well after a particularly intense day at work and decided to play hooky from my dailies (except Tillers!) and logged on to my paladin.

He’s been sitting at 83 with an fetch quest in his log to turn in up in Northrend.

Note: I didn’t do Icecrown on Arioch, Jhaelen is the first of my characters to really do any serious questing in the zone.

The quest was The Boon of A’dal.

All I had to do was return to this poor, dying crusader laying in the snowdrifts of Icecrown.

He had been infected with the plague and I had previously spent a good hour or more running errands for various powerful entities to bring potential cure after hopeful remedy to him.

I was pretty sure A’dal was our last option.

But then MoP hit and I went to frolic with pandas. And pet battles. And dailies. And more dailies.

So I figured that he could wait a bit, I would wander back eventually (or not at all), a chat with A’dal, and he would be up and running.

I fly out to visit my sick little friend.

*** SPOILER***

(I know, it’s really old content, but someone besides me might not have actually done the quest yet.)

A’dal and friends show up.

And… he dies.

His spirit is claimed by A’dal so that he won’t suffer the effects of the plague, but all my travels to various corners of the world were for naught.


And at first I was pretty irritated.

I mean, I know that the “good” guy doesn’t always win. But hey, I spent a good chunk of time flitting about and begging dragons and druids for aid. The least that could have happened was he limped off to live out his days in Elwynn forest quietly tending a pumpkin patch and shooing mangy wolves away from the sheep.

There was also the effect on me of the character influencing my reaction to quests. Jhaelen, ever the picture of hope and good will (and a bit of naivety), couldn’t help but feel that somehow his distraction with churning out glyphs in Org was to blame. Perhaps if he had stayed true to the course and returned straightaway with A’dal’s message, Bridenbrad would have survived… perhaps he was to blame.

Of course, Blizzard doesn’t really do quests like that. Worst case scenario you fail the quest, abandon it, and try again until you get it right.

Had I done the quest on Arioch, he tends to be a bit more cavalier about these things and would have chalked it up to “can’t win them all.”

Later, vaguely irritated and mulling over the different reactions my toons would have to the quest, I popped over to Wowhead to get the name of the quest (because I had forgotten) so I could write this post. I still had lingering feelings of guilt for waiting so long to complete the chain. And then I started reading the comments.

Turns out the quest was done to commemorate a real person – Brad Bridenbecker – an avid WoW player that had died of cancer.

Yeah, lingering feelings of guilt were pretty well amplified.

I don’t have a real conclusion to this post (not like I ever do), other than to just say this was an incredible quest line and I wish I had paid it the attention it was due.


5 comments on “A break from dailies

  1. wolfgangcat says:

    WoW has a few memorable quest lines – this is one of them :)


  2. zarigar says:

    I don’t want to say it’s a “favorite” storyline, just because the ending is sad, but, like Bocat said, it is memorable. I think the first time I did this quest I had the same thought: “I did all this work and HE DIED?!!?!?!”


  3. slice213 says:

    Word….I did that questline on my priest long ago and was …..like…..why……a very memoble quest line.


  4. gold price says:

    There are many level 70-only floating islands in the sky with daily quests (Netherwing Ledge, anyone??). Other dailies come from places like Shattrath, PvP, and from reputation people. Dailies are good for getting quick gold, but you can only do 25 dailies a day are also good for getting your Netherwing reputation up to exalted.

    Arioch here, I was going to spam this comment but decided to let it through with a minor alteration to gold price’s URL. Gold price, for your information, we are no longer limited to 25 dailies – they are now unlimited. You really should try to keep abreast of current affairs in the game you are trying to scam.


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