Digging the Tillers

I have a confession to make.

I might be addicted to farming in WoW.

No doubt, I loved the leveling experience on Arioch. So many new sights and sounds and sparkles.

And a lot of running like hell and trying to peel individual mobs out a of a clusterfuck before the insane respawn led to screams of SHITSHITSHITFUCKFUCKFUCKRUNAWAY.

But I was in no hurry to get to the end game of 90 and took my time exploring each zone.

Without rest XP, I almost made it through all the content before hitting the end, snagged flying and finished it up. (Skipping dungeons helps you cover more ground in quests.)

And then began the dailies.

Which I haven’t done for 3 days running…

The prime excuse is that I needed to level Kaayn to supply my scribe with ink (so that I can keep making fucking tiger cards instead of serpent cards).

Everything is easier on the DK. Three mobs? Four? No problem.

It actually makes me feel like something was out of place while leveling on Arioch. Like I was doing something wrong on the character I am most comfortable with.

As I ran around picking flowers, beating rocks, and obliterating anything in my undergeared path, I realized that I couldn’t wait to be level 90 to work on my farm.


Dailies are starting to feel hopeless.

Due to the cap on Valor, it will take me 3 weeks to get my next piece on Arioch.

Thanks to Cata, I still can’t bring myself to do dungeons. The few I’ve done I haven’t enjoyed (except Jade Temple). Usable gear drops have been slim.

The guild has been running them, but I’ve been logging on late and tired from work.

I look at the options of dragging through a heroic, or fighting the world for a chance to kill a mogu, or I can play with my farm.

Only one of those is relaxing and sounds remotely like a game I can enjoy right now.

Blizzard did a really good job on the reputation system with the Tillers.

Everything is centrally located.

With the exception of Fatty Goatsteak, there’s generally enough of everything to go around.

It’s about 100 gold in less than 10 minutes (unless it’s Fatty Goatsteak day.)

At each reputation bump there was a visible improvement to my farm.

There were separate reputations to earn with 10 people – but there were perks at each level.

I felt like I was accomplishing something on a regular basis.

Yes, I know a lot of the factions have phased differences as you move along, but they are minor and not mine.

I have something lasting that I can go look at anytime I want at my farm. My dog, and orange tree, and yaks, and chickens, and mailbox, and stove are all there and will last the entire expansion. Maybe longer.

That helm I’m saving up for over the next 3 weeks?

It will be gone within a while after we start raiding. Turned in to a shard. Probably used to enchant the next weapon I get.

But my sheep will still be there.

At first I figured I would just use Kaayn for the extra farm slots so I would need exalted with the Tillers, but wouldn’t need to chase individual reputations to best friend.

But my DK’s farm looks sad and lonely without a pond full of piggies.

I used to not care about the idea of player housing. Now I’m not so sure.

I feel vaguely guilty about not running my dailies and not running dungeons.

The guild wants to start raiding next Tuesday. I’m not sure if I’ll be ready.

From the unhappy noises coming from Tir’s side of the office on raid nights, I’m not so sure I even want to raid right now.

I know that I will eventually. And I know that I’ll complete all the reputations up to exalted – some day.

Just not today.

I do have some ideas on what can be done to make the Tillers even better… but I am tired and this post already doesn’t make enough sense.


7 comments on “Digging the Tillers

  1. I think my favorite part about my farm is that it’s mine. There is no fighting to pick your own vegetables. That and it’s very quiet and peaceful.

    I also hate fatty goatsteak days. I tend to just skip it.


    • Tirael says:

      I think it would add another level to farming if other people could try to pick your vegies. Like, when they right click on it, the entire Tiller Faction would swoop down on them like ants on honey. /popcorn and such


  2. I, too, am enjoying my farm beyond all reason. I can’t even explain what it is I like about it. I just have to keep planting those witchberries. I suppose the fact that it’s essentially free gold doesn’t hurt…

    I also had a lot of fun collecting scrolls and listening to Cho’s delightful little stories.

    It’s a shame the two most enjoyable rep grinds in MoP are also the least rewarding practically. Golden Lotus is eating at my soul, even with my skipping the truly boring quests.


  3. wolfgangcat says:

    Yup, have to agree – love the farm and I don’t even have all the rewards yet. I love that it’s phased (a real safe haven on the PvP server) and I can plant whatever I feel like – cooking items, crafting mats, whatever.

    Now, if only we could raise fish we need in that pond… ;)

    Fatty Goat Steaks…I don’t do that one anymore.


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