Proof of Insanity

Maybe I was dropped on my head as a child.


Because, hey, I’m already overwhelmed with work and feeling hopeless with dailies.

Why not add more stress?

That’s right, today is November 1st.

Today is the start of National Novel Writing Month.

I toyed with the idea back in January, was planning on doing some preparation, and sort of forgot that November starts after October.

Like, right after. Immediately, even.

There is no break or intermission; it’s October 31st and then *BAM* it’s fucking November already!

Last night I pulled out my notes from the idea that I’ve had bouncing around for a while. I thought about it and calculated that this idea probably started at least 4 years ago.

Waiting for trick or treaters gave me a good opportunity to review what I had prepared. I then realized that I had not touched the notes since January.

This means I have 4+ years of burbling, half-formed (and contradictory) thoughts bustling about my brain but very little concrete content to work with.

Like names.

Pretty sure I can’t get away with my main character being called “That Guy.” Although that would be 2 words instead of 1 and that sort of thing means a lot when you’re shooting for 50k words in the space of a month.

(Works out to almost 1700 words a day. Shoot me now.)

I registered at the site. Seems sort of important and all.

And I almost panicked right away.


What is the title of your book?

Gahhhhhh!!! I don’t know! I barely have a character and a purpose and some background stuff and some other stuff worked out and you want to know what it’s called?

Is “Working Title” taken?

I went with “In the Dark” for now. Yeah, yeah, it’s not terribly catchy. But it’s a phrase I think will pop up a few times.

It’s funny. I read a lot of fantasy fiction with a dash of science fiction. I play fantasy games, haven’t touched StarCraft in ages. I watch fantasy movies.

So do I come up with a fantasy idea?

Well I do have one tucked away, but it’s a scifi story I’m tackling. And I got the idea from watching Vampire Hunter D and sequel (again) a few years ago.

That’s right, space vampires.

Except they’re really not. But it’s funny how ideas start, take root, and then zip off somewhere else.

Anyway, all this rambling is just a warm up for the real fun.

Not sure how much posting I’ll do here over the next month. The site has what looks like a glidepath to project required production to meet the 50k mark and it is absolutely terrifying.

Maybe I’ll post snippets of the story if I’m not too embarrassed.

Maybe I’ll just crawl under a rock.


One comment on “Proof of Insanity

  1. theerivs says:

    Good luck, I use to do it…but everytime I did something bad happened to me I would have to stop. Not going to get into this year, I got enough bad mojo going on.


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