Quality of Life

I’ll admit that when the patch hit prior to the launch of MoP, I didn’t play much with the new talents.

I knew roughly what I wanted, picked what looked good/fun, and ran with it.

And by run with it, I mean I didn’t play my mage much before walking into panda land.

So when I left the airship and landed on foreign soil, it was with an untested mage toolkit.

The level 75 tier is where you pick up your AoE spell as a mage.

I know, no one really recommends Nether Tempest.

But I’m an arcane mage.

And it’s just so COOL.

I love the little blips of arcane energy chasing mobs as I’m dotting them all to hell.

The DoT itself feels very un-arcane-y, but if you can get a tight cluster of mobs and get them all with this, it’s like lots of little arcane missiles with guidance control. And it’s not terribly bad damage for a single target fight. The DoT aspect is actually a blessing when there was so much kiting to do.

But upon using the spell in Pandaria, two things became immediately apparent:

1 – The sound is bugged. This is a problem with all three of the mage 75-talents from what I can tell in the forums. Once you cast the spell you will be plagued with the sound nonstop. Not the cool zipping through the air sound, it’s the same sound clip you get when summoning a portal, or leaving Presence of Mind sitting unused. And it never ends. Ever.

2 – The spell was AGGRESSIVE. Which was kind of cute when you were battling near a critter and a random missile would race skyward and then arrow towards the unsuspecting cricket. But then it would also send one off to the level 90 neutral porcupine that was just sitting there. I’m not sure what the tooltip said then, but it would volunteer a lot further than the 10 yards listed now and bring back an entire pack of mogu. Just ‘cuz.

Mind you, starting out, I couldn’t take multiple mobs well. If I tried to pick up 2 or 3 I would do fine until the insane respawn would screw me and thanks to Nether Tempest I would find myself in a clusterfuck of 10 mobs.

Then came initial 5.1 patch notes.

The clouds parted and a fire was lit under me to finish researching all my glyphs so that I could get the newly announced Glyph of Discreet Magic as soon as it went live.

The glyph was intended to limit the range of your AoE-tier spells to 5 yards – a vast improvement over the “aggro everything on the screen” range the spell was utilizing.

I wasn’t looking forward to figuring out which glyph I needed to bump (OK, it was going to be Glyph of Illusion), but something needed to be done.

Got some more gear and respawns started calming down as people gave up on grinding ALL the dailies EVERY day.

And I noticed something.

Nether Tempest wasn’t quite so frustrating. It was leaving the level 90 porcupines alone. Hell, it would even ignore the mogu standing there as my target ran past him. It did continue to peel off onto members of linked pats or any mobs that I had threat on.

In short, the spell was useful! I was no longer forced to weigh the odds of how much it was going to pull against how much I could survive pulling.

But what then about the glyph?


Well, there went that.

I’m slightly annoyed that I won’t get that opportunity to rake in gold at the AH. But I’m more grateful that the spell functionality was fixed internally and doesn’t require a bandage to be safe to use.

(The buff to Arcane Charges is appreciated as well.)

However, I’m still a little miffed that content has been so much easier on my DK…

Anyone else enjoyed stealth buffs/fixes to their class or found huge disparity between leveling classes in the new content?



One comment on “Quality of Life

  1. Leit says:

    Wife tells me that her DK is also OMGfaesrol compared to her mage… which is pretty sad considering she levelled her mage with my pally.

    Ele shammy’s been a surprise hit so far.


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