Achievement Unlocked: 50,000

That’s right, I finally hit 50k words in that damned NaNoWriMo thing.

With work as nasty as it was I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I made a good push over the holiday weekend. Then I go and get sick yesterday and easily put the last 2k in to get my winner status. Still have another 2-3k I think to tie in the loose ends and it needs editing. Holy fuck does it need editing.

But I enjoyed it and learned a lot in the process.

So here’s my obligatory web badge:

First a story of my stupidity, then a rant about chickens.

My guild has been slow to take a seat at the raiding table. A lot of shit went down and we were just enjoying taking some time to level our characters as the roster refilled.

Friday was a dry run, just because we had 10 people on. Things didn’t go terribly well, got Stone Guard to 60-some-odd percent. But our tank was never intended to be a tank, our hunter needed another week to gear, and the monk… well, he’s on crack. That’s the only thing I could think of to explain it.

As a ranged player, if I was chained to melee, it was my job to move in. Now, I don’t normally pay much attention to the positioning of the melee, I’ve got my own pretty spell effects to amuse me. But when you are chained to one of the little fucks, you really have to watch what they are doing.

I’ll admit, I don’t have a monk yet. So maybe there’s something I’m missing about rolling in and out of melee range being a requirement to up the DPS. Maybe. I would run up. He would suddenly be across the room (no, the active dog was back where I am). I blink out to him. He rolls SOMEWHERE ELSE. I run over to him. Oh, now he’s back at the dog. WOULD YOU PICK A FUCKING SPOT. I sweetly asked him in vent to stay with the dog he was DPSing so I could get a cast off. (Really, I was sweet about it. The first time.)

Much sputtering followed by “NO ONE ELSE IS DOING IT RIGHT!”


Granted, everyone else was dying to bombs and purple shit, but at least the MELEE were staying in MELEE range of at least one dog.

The sense of humor demonstrated by the RNG gods that night was evident as I was nearly constantly chained to this roll-happy panda.

It’s a good thing I’ve decided to be low key about raiding this expac. Much to my surprise I was probably the most raid-aware individual there. If a tank didn’t keel over and leave a dog chewing on my face I was the last one alive. Every time. Scary!

So the plan was to come in fresh on Tuesday with the real raid group.

I fretted all day Monday about the raid. I had all my stuff ready, but needed to crank out another 7k words before the end of the month and it didn’t look like work was going to cooperate.

Word came out that the patch was due Tuesday.

Again, I fretted all day Monday about the raid. I downloaded the patch. I had spent a few more hours banging away on the keyboard, got it down to 3k left. Looked at the calendar to count how many more days I had.

OK, I’ve got 4 days left, the 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th.

Wait. I had 4 days YESTERDAY.





*Actual quote, Tir responded without missing a beat, “When?”


I logged in to see the raid group breaking apart, they had gotten the dogs down to 6% I think they said.

I spent the next 30 minutes apologizing profusely for my inability to read a calendar.

They said not to worry, not everyone would be able to show up again.

Log on last night to see when the continuation was scheduled… Friday.

I have a real life, in person, with physical stuff, game night scheduled.

So Tel and Dark/Soth, be happy, I’m sacrificing a raid night for you!

(BTW, I’m making spaghetti, but not the kind we had last time. My spaghetti. And Tel might bring weird eggs.)

Speaking of eggs, that takes me to chickens.

I am BFs with everyone down on the farm.

I’ve got yaks, and pigs, and chickens, and a tree, and such.

After the patch, I had noticed something terrible.

My flock of Hillpaw’s chickens has been reduced to one lonely member.

In their place, I have a bunch of impostor White Chickens.

And some asshole paladin keeps killing them!

(At least I assume it’s a paladin, that’s the only AoE I could ever see creep through to my farm. My apologies if it is not, in fact, an asshole paladin.)

Blizzard, I demand the immortal (and prettier) Hillpaw Chickens be returned to my farm, they were a gift from my BEST FRIEND.

Imma gonna cry if I don’t get my little chickens back.


13 comments on “Achievement Unlocked: 50,000

  1. Telanarra says:

    Gratz on the 50k. Reading a calender correctly is a crutch. On a side note I think I’m going to open a new restaurant in Half hill call it Telanarra’s Roasters.


  2. koalabear21 says:

    Grats on the 50k words


  3. wolfgangcat says:

    Grats on 50k!

    What? They changed the chickens?? That’s going too far! I am not happy :(


  4. Leit says:

    Every now and then I’ll get other people’s pets phasing onto my farm. Can be interesting to see a shivarra suddenly wander through your songbells. No clue what causes it.

    If you’ve got pools and landmines both up and your tanks aren’t moving the dogs properly – by which I mean acting with nothing short of prescience – then your melee are in fact going to spend a lot of time either floortanking or out of range. Those pools and mines don’t care if you’re melee or ranged, and sometimes if you’re melee there’s nowhere you can go to be both in range and not melting. So yeah, your monk friend was most likely the only one doing it right.

    This fight is basically a giant melee-hating cockblock.


    • Leit says:

      Yeah, okay, that sounds a little less reasonable. >.<


  5. reiytwow says:

    50,000 of anything is impressive, grats! Gotta love movement spamming melee, they really are the stupidest things around.!


  6. reiytwow says:

    I just wanted a change really, wanted to try and put some fun back into WoW rather than just the same old thing! I also love the accent quite a bit haha….bit weird but oh well.


  7. […] I noted the first time we took on MSV, there is something squirrelly about monks on that fight. I thought it was a DPS-boost, but now I […]


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