Spew of Consiousness

Beware! Total randomness in the form of observations, ideas, and questions.

Now that I’m done with my novel… (OK, not done, but close enough for now), I can write more over here!

In no particular order:

32. IDEA! Holy cow this is a good one… How about… instead of giving us grocery bags or whatever the hell type of bag Blizz was going to give us to store our piles of veggies, how about we get to use that damned cart Fish cleared off our plot? Once you hit that level of rep and you unlock the cart quest, it turns into a cooking supply bank.

19. Not only has someone made off with my chickens, but they NERFED my Red Cricket! I wish I had a screen shot to compare the sizes (silly me thought that the cricket wasn’t going anywhere), but the cricket has gone from gargantuan to “where the hell did my cricket go?” The only consolation in its size reduction is that it now has to hop insanely quickly to keep up with me. But still, why nerf the cricket?

57. Speaking of size nerfs, my DKs are still itty-bitty on the character selection screen.

145. I am now a god of tailoring. I crush 8 bolts of Windwool cloth into a silkworm cocoon. Which I then savagely rip to shreds in the hopes of finding a grubby little pet.

87. Experiment time! I asked Sho to come hang out on my DK’s farm. (She’s his only friend.) The next day, when I planted I got NO virmin or hawks. Coincidence? Or the power of Sho? Anyone have Sho on their farm and can contribute your virmin/hawk spawn rates?

ABC and sometimes Q. Other random changes on the farm: Someone turned down the water pressure on the sprinklers. Digging the timers on the crops. WHO MOVED MY FLIGHT POINT? Weren’t we supposed to get some anti-vermin stuff to buy from the Tillers?

ABC and even Y. What happened to the portal guy in Halfhill? DK does the quest, has a lovely shard to Silver Moon. Now the guy is gone. Arioch never even got to meet him. Attention grabbers on the runty and crowded plants are great. They look angry or surprised now. Please add to the wiggling plants. Mine hold still for very long periods of time. Tricksy virmin.

12. Why the hell do the pandas get to grow corn and we don’t? They have fields of that shit and we can’t share in it. Also, we have a pond, why no rice?

65. Anyone still using RAWR? The filtering on it seems to be broken, I’m trying to filter types of CURRENT content, but it only shows T12 sort of stuff and none of the new factions.

9874. Related, is there a site anywhere doind gear comparison in a RAWR/Mr Robot fashion AND has the VP upgrades as options?

76. Reputation Commendations. Love them. Need a UI indicator of which ones you’ve actually bought and applied.

62. WoW Secret Santa is upon us! May I humbly recommend a shirt or sticker for the Hordie on your list? CLICKY Considering adding the Alliance version as well as branching out to iPhone and iPad cases. What do you think?

32. New times for stuffs… I like and don’t like for the same reason. On my server I used to be able to log in around 7-8 local, burn all my CDs and farm, wait for the local clock to tick to 9 and do it all again. Effectively, I only had to do CDs every other day. Now, they pop later. So I can’t do them all at once. On the plus side, I don’t feel pressure to try to get everything done before 9.

0100011. The Sha of Anger is stupid. It MCed me and popped my Illusion glyph. It was a bit disorienting to find myself as a tauren in the middle of the fight.

5 comments on “Spew of Consiousness

  1. Sha of Anger always pops my Stargate when I’m MCed. It’s his first priority every time. I think he’s sad Universe got cancelled.


  2. repgrind says:

    He always turns off my healing aura.


  3. theerivs says:

    Grats on the 50k


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