PSA: Sha of Anger

Or: How to get fucked out of loot.

Apparently the Sha of Anger is a tricky loot pinata.

I killed it on Kaayn back on 10/29 since I just happened to be buzzing through the zone and a call went out.

OK, twist my arm to be in a 40-man clusterfuck.

I got tier legs (that I couldn’t equip because I wasn’t level 90) and the quest item (which I also couldn’t equip the reward, again due to level).

Eventually I go around to killing it on Arioch a couple weeks later.

OMG! I can finally use a shiny Greater Elder Token thingy!

And got extra gold to go with my Sha Touched Cache.

That was 11/21.

This past Monday, 12/3 (more than a week after my first kill, so at least one raid reset in between), I get a bug up my butt to see about getting some easy tier.

Raid is great, I get mind controlled… no one is DPSing me… the boss is about to die… the boss is dead.

MC fades… I get no loot. A few other people in the raid got no loot.

Well, we’ll just open a ticket about that, not really fair to lose a shot at loot (and using a shiny coin!) due to a mechanic you can’t control.

Thursday, 11/6, I get a reply:

   Hail and Well Met! *bows*

Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment regarding this. I apologize for the wait, we are experiencing a larger than normal ticket volume. I had a chance to go over your petition and I think I can help. ^_^

I’m very sorry to hear about your problems in your Sha of Anger raid earlier. =/

I’m afraid there are several reasons you might not be eligible for loot off of that particular boss, not least of which being that he resets with daily quests, not the server maintenance; if your previous kill was late at night on Monday or early Tuesday morning, that likely would have counted for this week and you would not be eligible again.

Some of the other reasons include:

-Releasing before he dies
-Leaving range of the fight
-Being mind-controlled when the fight ends
-Being in a cross-realm group where the Sha is NOT on your home realm
-Already looted him this week
-Not in the raid group that got the tap (in the case of multiple raid groups)

Unfortunately, the Sha of Anger is rather hands-off at this point, since there are so many factors that measure into whether you’d receive loot that we’re simply unable to verify them all.  If you didn’t receive loot, though, please go over the reasons you  might have been ineligible, and make sure you meet every single criteria.

I hope you find your answer here and that after this challenge your future adventures are half as [epic] as your loots!

If you have any other questions regarding this issue you can respond to this message or open another ticket!

It’s a copy/pasta response, I was pretty clear in my ticket that yes, in fact, I was mind controlled at the end of the fight.

Now I’m just waiting for a response to my question of, if I had gotten in a second group after this, would I have been eligible for loot or are you hosed for the week if any of the above apply?

I will be sure to post the response, but until then, be aware of the list of factors that may impact your eligibility for loot on the Sha of Anger! (Especially the cross-realm piece, that surprised me.)

Edit: Yes, I’m editing before I even published it because I’m too lazy to weave this in instead of just tacking it on the end.

Got an in-game response and the GM was willing and able to comb through the logs. Couldn’t do anything about my lack of a bonus roll opportunity, but he sent me the Sha-Touched Cache I would have gotten if the internal roll had popped appropriately.

In response to the second attempt in the same raid lockout, his response (in a fairly piratey drawl, I think he was RPing a dwarf), was that it was unlikely you could get loot in a second attempt because you would already be flagged for completing the kill earlier in the raid lockout. But to feel free to try.

There are several tickets in with the Bug/QA team about the issue and it was recommended to watch the official forum blog for information about a fix. He also commiserated the lack of the UI indicator that you are locked for the week, stating, “Man, I (heck, most GMs I know =P) wanted that the first week. Here’s hoping. Heh.” That was the only time he broke character for me.

Well, that and for the obligatory joke!


7 comments on “PSA: Sha of Anger

  1. Shawndra says:

    Thanks for the PSA! I may be the last person in Azeroth who has been at 90 forever and not been in a Sha of Anger raid. Now I know what to look out for :) Love the joke. I must make sure to ask next time i submit a random ticket.


  2. Darraxus says:

    I also havent done Sha of Anger. I havent done anything really at max level. A few Heroics and a crap ton of dailies.


    • Arioch says:

      Sha of Anger is a glorious clusterfuck. You run in, usually before all the tanks or healers are there and if you die you just run back from the graveyard. It is absolutely chaotic. More so on a PvP server I imagine.


  3. Leit says:

    You can use as many coins on any boss as you feel like in a week, but only one per kill. If that makes sense. So if you have three coins, you can still go kill Sha three times this week for bonus chances at shinies. Our warrior used this to get two Starshatters in the first week Elegon LFR was available.


  4. […] figure their DPS on the boss will be better than mine and if I can spare someone the frustration of getting fucked out of loot it’s a good […]


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