The doorbell rang and scared the shit out of me, the doorbell never rings around here.

I frantically scrambled over the small herd of cats running from the door.

Almost died, but I made it!

And on the doorstop was a box!

But not just any box, it was a box from my #wowsecretsanta, Ambermist!

(Lots of exclamation points in this one, folks! And pictures!)

Get the box inside and the kitties cannot leave it alone.

Did I get sent a live battlechicken?

Get to the office and shoo away the kitties long enough to get the box open.

And it exploded.

Literally, a glow in the dark star went flying off behind the computer when I opened the box.

After rescuing the star, returned to plundering the loot of the box.


Inside were many more stars (and the little sticky tabs to put them up… trying to decide where), a bunch of little dinosaurs (which nearly were kidnapped by the kitties), a bracelet, an ornament, more stars, a Winter’s Veil poem, and two wrapped parcels.




IMG_0168 IMG_0169



One of the packages (which Hermes helped me open) had a flamingo poof! (Flamingos are just the most awesome goofy birds.)



The other bundle arrived just in time for the world to end: a towel with 42 on it!


After a few more sniffs, the kitties have lost interest and are sleeping again.

IMG_0173 IMG_0172


Thank you to my #wowsecretsanta, Ambermist!


4 comments on “#wowsecretsanta

  1. Telanarra says:

    huzzah!!!! and the poem is awesome!


  2. Telanarra says:

    “The doorbell rang and scared the shit out of me, the doorbell never rings around here.” unless it’s Chris and Myself being thoughtful and letting you know we had returned and were outside


  3. Cymre says:

    That poem was great as well as all the bits and pieces :)


  4. Devee says:

    That’s a fantastic gift! I loved the poem :)


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