I should know by now

If I want to see change in this world, I just have to bitch and moan and whine and complain.

After I did my post the other day about the guild being a bit… stagnant, everything changed.

Everything was fine, apparently they had pugged a couple people in the Friday raid that I couldn’t attend (too busy trying to kill friends with under-cooked fried chicken) and they had moved in to the guild.

It was looking like we had enough to be able to just about fill our own raid.

Our problems were solved, yay!

Bitching, moaning, and complaining always work!

There were plans to come back in to the raid later Sunday evening so I logged to cook some lamb chops (yum yum) and came back in time to get my invite to the raid.

And watch a scrolling mass of players logging in and immediately leaving the guild.


Then, the GM starts kicking people left and right.



Saurday, our warlock (who got his DS legendary staff, bastard) decided that the raid schedule didn’t work for him and was leaving.

Mind you, the raid schedule was made for a couple individuals that joined to raid with him. So his friends dictated the schedule that didn’t work for him…

Anyway, he chats with the GM, leaves the guild, no hard feelings, and everything is hunky dory.

Sunday, just as I’m done nomming lamb chops and log in for the raid, his friends log in on their alts.

And one by one, the alts leave the guild.

Not a word to anyone.

After the 5th alt each leaves (OMG how many alts did you have in the guild?) and still not a peep to explain the exodus, the GM roughly says “fuck it” and mass kicks the rest of their alts (there was more?!?!?!) and their mains. And yet another friend of theirs (the cracked-out monk I loved to hate).

I get a whisper in to one of the guys while he was still logged in. His logic was that he didn’t want to cause a fuss by talking to anyone and thought no one would think anything of he and his wife/gf/whatever leaving en masse. Mind you, this was our MT/raid leader and the main healer. Like someone’s not going to notice. They were planning on leaving their mains in – for now, but were really frustrated with the raiding and their friend left, so why bother staying? And, here’s the kicker, they felt it was the responsibility of someone in the guild to have noticed and asked them what was wrong.


So you join the raids for your friend.

We moved the raids to accommodate your freaky schedule.

Your friend can’t make the raids.

Friend leaves.

You leave because your friend leaves.

Then, you expect someone to chase you down and beg for an explanation of why you’re jumping ship?

I don’t even.

After the GM was done with the massive purge of the roster, anyone that hadn’t logged for 6+ months got dumped, we were able to scrape up a pug raid and went back into MSV.

They had cleared Feng on Friday, we took a couple wipes on Gara’jal but downed it, 3-shot on Spirit Kings (went better after replacing the people that died to the first Annihilate every time), and then banged our head against Elegon a couple times but severely lacked DPS.

In that mess, Tir transferred his priest over to help us out.

With the removal of the “OMG WE HAVE TO RAID ON FRIDAY” crew we were able to restructure the raid schedule so that we aren’t raiding on Friday or the days Tir is raiding on his Alliance toons.

So we suddenly have a mostly full raid on better days and we’re now 4/6 (although not all the kills counted as guild kills).

I should whine more often!

3 comments on “I should know by now

  1. zarigar says:

    I’m leaving now…don’t try to stop me….here I go….I really mean it now…ok I’m going….


  2. wolfgangcat says:

    Glad you got your raid sorted out and OMG LAMB CHOPS??
    If I whine and cry enough can I some please? With mint jelly?


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