I never learn

(Warning: Tangents and whining and very little WoW abound here.)

So the other week I posted about how bitching and whining makes the world better.

At least, it makes my world better. YMMV.

All was well in the world that week until Friday.


“Yeah, we need you to come in to the corporate office on Wednesday. We’ll be taking the train in.”



My hair had shifted from a bright purple to a muddy pink. And my roots! The horror!

Immediately call my hair dresser.

Thankfully, she’s a friend of the family and can squeeze me in on Saturday morning.

Important things taken care of, I’m ready to head into San Francisco.

Oh, except I have to lug my laptop in with me.

So on Tuesday night I pull down (literally, it’s on top of a bookcase) my laptop bag, containing my old laptop (because they made me do the data transfer to my new one myself and the IT guy wasn’t 100% about the stability of the new machine. Besides, it’s cheaper for them to store it at my house instead of sitting in their office.). The bag was a little heavier than I anticipated, but I avoided immediate injury.

(Hint: foreshadowing!)

A trio of us meet at the train station.

We take the train in, working on our new project as we cruise along.

(Train ride isn’t half bad, actually.)

Switch to the bus for the final leg of the journey.

Walk to the office.



Our guide is staying overnight, but instructs us to return to the same bus stop to be picked up to retrace the route home.

So we walk to the bus stop.

In the rain.

We wait at the bus stop.

In the rain.

For over an hour.

In the rain.

For a bus that never materializes.

In the rain.

Give up and take a cab to the train station.

In the rain.

And did I mention the rain was cold?

Uneventful train ride home.

(Although I learned that my new coworker also calls Chipotle “Chipoodle” for the same reason I do.)

Get home late, exhausted.

Eat half the pizza Tir ordered for me.

(What? I had a bagel that morning. Our corporate office sucks.)

Collapse with stiff shoulders.

Wake up to railroad spikes being driven through shoulders, pinning me to the bed.

(Not really, but damn that’s what it feels like.)

Earlier adventure of pulling down the heavier-than-anticipated laptop bag coupled with a long day in a conference room topped off with a cold and soggy trip home resulted in fucked up shoulder joints.

A week later and I can move the left one without pain.

The right side is still questionable and likes to wake me up a few times each night.

What does this all have to do with WoW?

Not much.

Except it took my new-found glimmer of excitement and crushed it beneath the grimy boot heel of pain and BLAH.

Logged on to raid a little bit on Sunday.

(Logged on Saturday, but no raid.)

I didn’t write about it, since I was waiting to see how the chips fell, but we had an undesirable join the guild, and he left the guild all on his own before the Sunday raid. (He’s a story all on his own.) That left us short again.

Back to pugging.

Which doesn’t help the BLAH.

Didn’t even log on to do auctions for a week. I think I lost some mail.


Down to 2-3 days before I hit Revered with Dominance Offensive. Still feels forever away.


Am I even saying anything here?

I don’t think so.



2 comments on “I never learn

  1. Shawndra says:

    I have been logging in and falling asleep at the keyboard, when I don’t have plans to dungeon run with lowbie alts. My 90 is growing cobwebs in her corner of the Lazy Turnip. Good thing she likes them…


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