Apathetic to Frantic

Last two weeks have been BLAH.

And then, suddenly, the clouds parted and I woke up with renewed vigor.

Yes, I was vigorous and antsy.

The pendulum had swung from “do NONE of the things” to “do ALL of the things… NOW!”

The worst part is that I’m not sure which “ALL” of the things I should be doing.

Obviously I can’t do “ALL” of the things or I’ll risk burnout and apathy once again.

So this week I’m focusing on the Darkmoon Faire.

I was able to get the strider mount on the first day and a pet on Monday, leaving 4 pets (at 90 tickets each).

I’m sure I can get 2 of them… hoping to get all 4… depends on how many tickets I can get from those dungeon drop thingies.

Pro Tip: Soothsayer’s Runes sell for under 2g on Horde-side Area 52. 10 tickets. Bargain!

Extra pro-tip: If you already somehow had Soothsayer’s Runes in your bag, you don’t need to buy a second set.

Related: Anyone want a set of Soothsayer’s Runes? Cheap!

I’ll keep an eye on my ticket accumulation and watch the prices on the other items, would like to finish up this pet collection without spending a minor fortune.

Thursday and Friday may pose problems as I am expecting company both nights…

4 comments on “Apathetic to Frantic

  1. Shawndra says:

    Have to get the Lunar Fest pets. Must plant and farm to finish Master of the Ways. Must level engineer and jewelcrafter. Dailies! So much to do and so little of me to do it!


  2. Telanarra says:

    I think part of the frantic feel stems from there no longer be a cap to daily quests. Instead of working on dailies for a faction or two you can do as many in a day as you have patience for. This is both a good and bad thing. Personally I would have done it so profession and event dailies didn’t count but faction ones did.


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