DMF – And the score is…

Because I know everyone is breathlessly awaiting my continuing saga of trying to get the rest of the DMF pets this month!

OK, we left off with having just acquired the mount and and a pet, leaving four pets to go.

I’m pleased to report that Arioch and Selwyn were both able to purchase a pet.

Now it’s up to Jhaelen and Kaayn to bring it home.

Jhaelen is sitting at 36 tickets. If I can get the remaining 4 quest items, do all 5 of the dailies for the next three days, and complete the grisly trophy quest, I think I will squeak by with 1 ticket to spare.

Or my math is horribly wrong and there shall be much gnashing of teeth and ranting at the sky.

(Related, anyone know a good spot to grind out trophies? This is a non-raiding character in gear that can’t do heroics.)

Kaayn is in a better spot with 62 tickets to his name, I should easily be able to hit 90 before the end of the week.

With the social activities lined up this week, I’m a little worried about pulling this off.

Currently polling Twitter to see what level of Archaeology is needed to do the monthly quest.

No way in hell I can get pets leveled up high enough/fast enough to take on the DMF pet trainer.

OK, mini rant here… all the other activities in the Faire can be done at virtually any level. But this one requires that you have leveled 3 pets up to 25… I was really hoping when they added this that there would be scaling to match your team or multiple trainers at a couple different levels. I feel excluded. /sniff

Twitter poll has concluded with most likely being 75 points required in Arch to do the quest. Poop.

6 comments on “DMF – And the score is…

  1. koalabear21 says:

    The rockthrower monkeys in the Vale are a quick respawn. We have a guildie that farms them for motes because they spawn so quickly.

    There is also a beach that is part of the Angler’s dailies down in Karasong that has a bunch of quickly respawning monkeys.


  2. If your character is tough enough to handle big pulls, the Dread Scar-type thing in the Dread Wastes is a good spot to farm. Huge amounts of mobs in a very small space and fairly quick respawns. I had a blast massacring those bugs while grinding Black Prince rep.


  3. wolfgangcat says:

    I think any “green” mob will count for a Grisly Trophy, so you can farm the easier ones.


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