Sha of Irritation

Once again the Sha of Anger gives me gold.

And some more gold as a consolation prize.

I give you a coin to get coins… I think I’m getting short changed here.

I spend most of that fight under his Mind Control.

Doing stupid things, I might add. Stupid things such as:

Switching my armor spell to Frost Armor. While the haste is nice, I miss the mastery.

Casting Frost Nova when attacked by a squad of Ires. And then JUST STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THEM. Because rooting an enemy and staying in melee range is what all the cool MCed kids do.

While I encounter some slowing in 25-man raids, I can generally still move around. In a 40-man? I’ve given up on even trying to be on the meter.

Instead, I focus on the MCed people in between moments of appreciating my WoW tableau.

I figure their DPS on the boss will be better than mine and if I can spare someone the frustration of getting fucked out of loot it’s a good feeling.

After my disappointment of Sha, I moved in to Kara for the 30 seconds it now takes me to be disappointed at not getting my mount.

I will say since reaching 90 and getting a bit of gear, I can go from front door to swearing in guild chat in record time. I don’t even bother popping CDs.

I do have a piece of good news!

Finally, I was able to log on long enough to do more than pick my nose while looking at a laundry list of activities that I didn’t have time for.

Got a few dailies done and got enough VP to get my Static-Caster’s Medallion from the Dominance Offensive.

Now, it’s off to save up enough VP to upgrade the bugger.

Wait, what?

I’m going to upgrade it? Not buy new gear?

Damn straight!

Most of the gear I have will be replaced by a raid drop – if we ever, ya know, actually raid. The few remaining pieces will be Dominance Offensive VP gear.

It looks like a new caster trinket was data mined for somewhere in 5.2.

But I’ll never see it – at least not while it’s relevant.

(Just to put it in perspective, we haven’t downed normal Elegon yet. We’re 4/6 in MSV and that’s it. I don’t know if we’ll finish MSV before the patch.)

So my Static-Caster’s Medallion and Relic of Yu’lon are probably the best I’ll have until… oh, I don’t know, maybe T16 or so.

With the upgrade vendor going away in 5.2, it’s my last shot at upgrading that slot for a very, very long time.

All the other VP pieces I’m looking at will still be available in 5.2, and I hear rumors that the costs will even be reduced.

Hopefully, we’ll get a 2-week warning or so before the patch drops. If I can manage to cap VP for once, I think I’ll be OK.

What are your thoughts on the upgrade vendor being removed? Was it even a good idea to put it in in the first place?

10 comments on “Sha of Irritation

  1. Leit says:

    When was the last time you took a pop at Elegon? He was apparently nerfed a couple weeks ago. Oh, and Will is lolzeasy once you get past the dargon.

    Blues have confirmed a 2 week lead announcement before 5.2.

    I can see why they’re removing the upgrade vendor – mostly because PvP was a massive cockup. For PvE, though, it’s going to be a bastard not being able to upgrade your way through those last couple of frustrating points and get into LFR.


  2. wolfgangcat says:

    If you stay about 5-8 feet away from people you won’t get MC’d for Sha, although you will still get gold instead of gear. Unless you’re me, and you get either lovely Healer gear or PvP gear :P

    I never have enough VPs/JPs for anything so I think I’ve upgraded only one or two items. I liked the upgrade option because it was *something* to help a bit when all that RNG ooks you in the dooker.

    I guess we can’t have anything nice things because it will break PvP :(


  3. Shawndra says:

    Upgrade vendor? Well, I guess I can upgrade my robe and gloves, but is it really worth it? I’m not getting any more gear in the foreseeable future. Casual guild=no raiding :( and no time to wait for a queue to pop.

    I’d send you my elder coins i have been saving for a rainy day if it would help you get gear :)


    • Actually, they’re reducing the cost to 50-75%, not by 50-75%.

      Because Blizzard is determined to keep justice completely useless this expansion.


  4. Ray says:

    One possible source for the JP heirloom and pet stones (not actual pets) info:

    My primary goal is to pool VP until the week before the patch drops (latest indication is they’re aiming for the last week of Feb), I’ll only spend if I’m going to cap. If they announce a delay, I’ll pool for another week.

    My personal plan is to upgrade weapons (preferably Sha) first, then BiS trinkets (in my world, BiS = items I have a chance to get based on content I’m actually downing right now… so, LFR &/or VP gear). If a toon doesn’t have an epic weapon or worthwhile trinket I’ll spend the VPs on whatever VP gear they actually have access to with priority going to the Shieldwall-level 496 gear… my goal is to have as few VPs account-wide as possible when 5.2 hits. ’tis almost spendin’ time.


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