DMF – Final Score


Or down by one?

Or success with a save?

Let me explain.

So I had meticulously planned out exactly how many tickets it would take for me to get all the DMF pets before the end of the faire.

All but the last one had some wiggle room of either a couple days or a couple quests.

But Jhaelen was in charge of getting 2.

The first one was easy, but with time running out, I calculated that he could pull it off with 91 tickets if I did every quest every day and all the drop quests.


What I didn’t take into account was that people were going to be greedy on the AH.

To get the last two items it would have cost me about 2000 gold.

Plus what I had already spent on the other items.

That damned monkey wasn’t worth 3k+ gold.

Telenarra to the rescue!

Tel had a bunch of tickets just sitting around.

So I now own all the DMF mounts and pets and owe Tel a pet of his choosing next month.

It should only take me a day to get the missing tickets… especially if I put the damned book back in my bag so I can gather grisly trophies while doing dailies.


Why am I doing dailies on the paladin?

Well, I got Valor capped on Arioch for, like, the second time ever since MoP.

So I’m getting the bonus VP.

But wait, what does the non-raiding character need with valor?

Because the upgrade vendor is going away.

Oh, well that makes perfect sense.

Actually, it doesn’t make sense at all.

Until we take it out to the next step:

Selwyn will most likely be a raider. (If I ever get around to leveling him.)

I made the BoA inscription staff and have it ready to go…

Just like I did with Arioch’s staff, I’m going to try to get it upgraded with Jhaelen and Kaayn before passing it off.


Does anyone know if upgrading items need to be or are caused to be soulbound? I’ve got the DMF trinket ready to go as well…

5 comments on “DMF – Final Score

  1. Telanarra says:

    yayy for pets.


  2. Ray says:

    Yes, I’ve read before that upgrading an item will bind it to you, you can’t sell or trade an upgraded item. Only the BoA gear can be upgraded and traded (and should be!).

    As for alts, that 50% bonus has been my bane for the past couple of weeks as my alts start to get up to the point of being able to run LFR. My main has been capping VP by Wed night which leaves a lot of +50% VP time for the rest of my stable… and that’s hard to ignore since, as you mentioned, the upgrade vendor is going away. Multi-queue a heroic and an LFR, doing dailies while waiting, that’ll result in a sweet ~300VP or so in about 90 minutes even if the LFR run is scrappy (and are there any that aren’t?). Which, if I had one alt, would be great, but I have 7 toons running LFR right now with another on the verge. Who says MoP is alt-unfriendly? I barely have time to play my main!


  3. Berry says:

    Yes, I foolishly soulbound a DMF trinket on my hunter during an absent minded spree. (I also bought agi boots for the ele shaman… BoAs you can upgrade on any toon, but not, alas BoEs. And the there is no – “this will cause the item to be soulbound” warning.


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