Patch 5.2 Already?

In case you missed it:

I have oodles to say.

Don’t really have the “ooomph” to write any of it right now.

In brief:

Guild went in to raid on Saturday and we cleared up to Elegon.

Wiped a couple times on the sparkle dragon before calling it.

Came back in on Sunday.



But everyone was saying how much fun they were having.

I don’t think I’m hard core.

But I think spending 90 minutes to get less than 10 minutes of boss time is a waste of time.

Of my time and everyone else’s.

It stems from not having a strong leader in that group.

It usually takes me poking the raid leader asking if he can pop the ready check and then asking if everyone was ready before we get moving.

Obvious solution would be for me to raid lead. I’m good at popping ready check and poking raid kittens with a stick.

But I really don’t want to. I just want to show up, have everyone go to their places and pewpewpew. (Or tanktanktank or healhealheal.)

So we got in 12 wipes in about 3 hours, I don’t think we even made it to the second orb phase.

I managed to get in to a PUG run on Monday night.

It started so well.

Quick run down of strat.

Pillars assigned.

People went to their places. (Just like I wish my guild would.)


We had an issue with the boss tank somehow pulling the protector add, but got that sorted out in a pull or two.

Then someone fell down the hole.

But every wipe, people immediately ran back, buffed, and took their positions.

Every single time.

Ultimately, we didn’t down it. We could reliably get to phase 3, but then it would go sideways and people would immediately die off.

I just want to get *SOMETHING* cleared on normal before the patch.

I’m going to be missing the guild run this weekend on Saturday due to a real life event.

This means that I can try to get in on a fresh MSV and clear it before then.

/fingers crossed

At first I felt bad about not being able to attend the guild raid. But the more I think about it, the more likely this will be my only chance to clear content.

Maybe I’ll even see the inside of normal Hof…



One comment on “Patch 5.2 Already?

  1. slice213 says:

    go go go! I am sure you will be able to do so! :)


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