This post is brought to you by the letter F

In the grand tradition here of bitching and moaning about something only to see a drastic improvement in the next few days, I bring you the Fuck It rant.

Fuck it.

I want to raid.

I log in to raid.

I spend my weekends thinking that LFR looks really good.

This weekend?

Saturday – Not enough people showed, minor falling out with the raid leader and the GM. (They are in a relationship.) He was drunk before the raid started and passed out. Raid was called.

Sunday – Start up on time! As in, we were all in the raid instance by 4 minutes after raid start! Happy day!

We have a suddenly improved roster (and then discover that we lose one of the tanks in about 3 weeks).

We have a new raid leader. (Previous one never wanted to be a raid leader and didn’t handle the stress well.)

And then we spent the next 2 and a half hours wiping on Stone Guard.


You read that right.


We were attempting to 2-heal it for the first time because, you know, every one else and their mother is 2-healing it in pugs and we didn’t have a third healer…

It wasn’t helping that the disc priest was using Renew more often than PW: Shield.

We had a nice chat about spell selection. Hopefully we’ll see some improvement.

In an effort to improve the situation, the raid leader (on a shadow priest, top 3 DPS) decides to pick up a holy spec and try to heal to help the disc priest and resto druid.

Except he has no healing gear and has NEVER healed before, EVER.

That lasted all of one pull and he admitted there was no fucking way he could do that.

Eventually, we dropped the dogs and drug ourselves down the hallway.

A handful of pulls on Feng and we called it.

We met again on Monday night.

Or at least some of us did.

Half an hour after start time we have 10 people.

Walking in, healer pipes up that he’s only got an hour – tops – before he has to go.

We get the sloppiest kill ever on Feng and clear Gara’jal in one shot.

Sorry, kids. We’re out of time for the week.

Fuck me.

The best part of all of this is that we raid Saturday and Sunday with the occasional clean up on Monday.

Which means if we don’t get shit down, I’m fucking hosed.

There is no shot for any of us to try and pick it up later in the week.

And the people we can pug on a Sunday or Monday night aren’t generally of the best caliber.

(Not that we’re the best raid group in the world, because we obviously aren’t, but we certainly don’t need any more “help” in the fail direction.)

So after watching two people struggle with priest healing and being totally frustrated with my lack of opportunity to actually complete a raid at any point in the lockout week, I made what may be a rash decision.

I hope I don’t regret this.

But fuck it.

I’m going to level my goddamn priest again.

I was hoping to just get him high enough to be a good little jewelcrafter and make my sparkle jewel kitties to fly around on. (This meant level 90 and parked at the Order of the Cloud Serpent quest hub until exalted.)

But with two raid-ready characters, I can farm one out earlier in the week to another guild and maybe get some kills.

There seems to be a lot of sudden interest in healing in the current raid group, so perhaps Arioch can stay there.

I’m torn on that because I consider him my main, but it’s not looking like that raid group is going to get anywhere.

Which means that once again, it would be little brother Selwyn bringing home the achievements.

Fuck it.

I just want to kill internet dragons.


12 comments on “This post is brought to you by the letter F

  1. Oh man, that is a bad raid weekend! If my only raid days weren’t already just on the weekend, I’d level a healer there to help you out. It sounds to me like you just need some regular good people to show up every raid night.


  2. wolfgangcat says:

    Sounds like every LFR I’ve been in lately :P
    I’ve got a bunch of priests at 90 but they haven’t healed since Wrath, have no healing gear and are all Shadow/Disc so yeah…more fail priests lol.


  3. Telanarra says:

    “Arioch can stay there.

    I’m torn on that because I consider him my main,” If you got with the program and acknowledge what we all know already you may be happier :) /ducks /changes locks /creates new identity /moves to a foreign country to hide out


  4. slice213 says:

    Selwyn as the main again!


    Then again disc priest healing is teh win.

    Come Tuesday, though one pug peeps from realID. Hit me up


    • Arioch says:

      I actually feel kind of frantic while healing again, like I did waaaaaay back when Tir would drag me through heroics and be in tank presence while someone else was supposed to be tanking. My problem seems to be NOT ENOUGH SPIRIT! It’s getting better and I hit 89 last night.

      Hey, where’s your blog posts, slacker?


  5. […] hasn’t gotten much better in my guild. (The success of my recent rant post was short […]


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