I Bought the Farm

Actually, you get the farm for free!

(Still not the post about the exciting stuff, the farm is just too cool.)

If you are exalted with the Tillers and have unlocked all 16 plots, you can go up the hill to talk to Nana. She will give you a quest to talk to Yoon.

Talk to Yoon and he hands the farm over to you, walking off to talk to Nana.

When you leave and return to the farm, Yoon has been replaced by the Work Orders board. (Don’t worry, he’s just wandered down to the market proper to hang out with the other Tillers.)

Currently I have orders available for several factions and they all have a I after them so I bet eventually we get different versions of the orders.

Each order is for 8 of a standard vegetable and rewards almost 20g. With plot limitations, you can pick 2 each day.

I’m exalted with all the factions on Arioch so I don’t know how often I will be picking these up as I use the farm to keep up on my tailoring CD. (Which you are all doing again, right? Because that’s how you learn the new patterns! FYI – you don’t get a pattern in your bag, watch the system text for notification that you learned something.)

I’m not sure if this replaces the daily “plant me one vegetable for a shiny coin” quest Yoon gives because I did that quest before taking over the farm.

Other farm-y changes:

The amount of crops for the gathering nodes has been increased. (Motes of Harmony were not impacted.) I plant a lot of Windshear Cactus and got 2-4 on average per node in 5.1. Now I’m reaping 3-5.

Running over a virmin hiding in a plot with the Master Plow will now cause the little bugger to pop above ground and drop to about 30% health. They will also be disoriented for what seems to be about 4 seconds.

Unfortunately, plots with virmin will not be plowed and you will have to go back to do those by hand. Mine bugged out and continued to show as Occupied Soil even after the virmin had been dispatched. Leaving the farm and returning did not reset it. Logging out of the game and returning put a virmin BACK in the plot. Killing him unbugged the plot and I could till/plant properly. (Bug report submitted.) I had one plot that stayed bugged even after log out but phasing off the farm worked… so some plots are acting differently than others. I also pulled the virmin up manually on that attempt to finally clear it.

Your house now counts as an inn. You can set your hearth using the Farmer’s Journal on the floor. This was handy when dealing with the bugged virmin.


I’m pretty sure these are a bargain, but I’ve been known to do bad math. At exalted, I can buy individual Windshear Cactus seeds at 90 silver. The bag has 10 charges of 4 seeds. So assuming you aim well, 40 seeds. (You get a target circle, it’s super easy.) They only cost 27 gold. Coupon!

I still think Wiggling crops needs more of an indicator. Mine tend to sit still for long periods of time.


How’s the farming life treating everyone else?


6 comments on “I Bought the Farm

  1. reiytwow says:

    thats pretty awesome i cant wait to get started on mine!


    • Arioch says:

      Remember you can start planting your first 4 plots as soon as you can get to the farm. If you check in daily, you can get a head start on the materials you’ll need to level the cooking specialties.


  2. Dirk says:

    I haven’t done much with the work orders, but I can tell you that you get credit for planting the stuff for a work order…and then you get a follow-up to deliver it. So, you can’t just plant it and destroy it like you could for the plant-one you did for Yoon. I’d already planted/removed/plowed/replanted by the time I saw the followup, and didn’t feel like doing it again.


    • Arioch says:

      Ouch! I never actually dug up Yoon’s plant request, I just sent it off to an alt for storage. I have a bank full of vegetables for leveling the next alt’s cooking. Without Yoon’s daily quest, not sure how/if I’ll keep up on “normal” crops.


  3. Telanarra says:

    I am highly disappointed by the fact that you did not metaphorically by the farm! the title of the post got my hopes up


  4. Arioch says:

    FYI – looks like there was a hotfix to remove the gold reward for completing the work order.



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