Caving to pressure

So you know how I posted yesterday that I didn’t have to run any heroics?

Well, I had that post sitting in my drafts for a few days before I actually got around to hitting publish.

I did get to 460 with what I could scrape together outside of heroics.

I did get to Revered with the Order of the Cloud Serpent in one day and bought the first four panther patterns.

I did run both halves of MSV and Sha prior to the Tuesday reset, netting me a belt off Elegon.

With no coins, I opted to only run them once.

On Tuesday, with my near-instant LFR queue time, I ran both halves of MSV again.

I got the same belt off Elegon.

Oh, and a Spirit of Harmony out of one of the fail bags.

Sha gave me gold.

I was stuck at 464, not enough to open up HoF at 470.

What about the new 522 neck?

Crunched the numbers on Ask Mr. Robot and came up to 4-fucking-69. One point shy.

Still no coins (because now you run new content to get coins for old content, lolwut?) so no reason to run MSV again.

If I wanted to run HoF that week I would have to bust ass to get the VP for the neck AND I would have to *shudder* run heroics to do so.

Swallowing my hate was hard, but short queue times made the medicine taste better.

And surprisingly, the groups I got were all pretty good. (Except the one time I ran with some guildies. MOTHS TO THE FUCKING FLAMES. If it was bad, they stood in it. So much frustration.)

I scored a few trinkets that weren’t any better than what I had, but the ilevel was a tad higher than my stone and I got a DPS helm that can sit and look pretty in the bag while artificially inflating my ilevel to the 470 required for HoF.

But by that time I was exhausted and had to go to bed, leaving HoF for the weekend.

Ever have a weekend that doesn’t go like you planned it?

Yeah, I had one of those.

So run HoF on Monday night, right?

Um, yeah, no.

I am continuously amazed that such a thing as 6 AM exists and even more amazed on those rare occasions when I find myself seeing it in person.

My work day ended and found me puttering listlessly about the house, unable to focus.

By the time I sat down to log in to WoW it was all I could do to post auctions.

But this week!

This week I can run MSV again, perhaps get another belt off Elegon to vendor, and then off to HoF!


2 comments on “Caving to pressure

  1. slice213ce says:

    Monday LFR….shudder..i made the mistake of doing that last night on my Shaman…..


  2. Hah, yeah Monday LFR’s can be interesting, and maybe it worked out for the better that you couldn’t go this week. Nice work on getting to 460 without running heroics though. I share your hate for them, but had to run a few to get my warlock into LFR.


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