Greener Pastures


The grass is always greener on the other side, but in my case I think the grass was greener EVERYWHERE.

The Sahara has greener grass. Mars has greener grass.

Raiding on Saturday was terrible.

I use the word “terrible” loosely.

Abysmal. Horrendous. Catastrophic. You get the idea.

It was decided to let the druid healer (punk kid) bring in his hunter and let a new (to the raid but longtime standing guild member and nice guy) take his place as healer.

Except he hadn’t seen any of the fights (not even on LFR) and no one mentioned that at the beginning.

And the raid leader is MIA. Was puking last week, no one (including his RL friend in guild) has seen or heard from him in at least 2 days.

Oh, and the GM and her boyfriend broke up and there’s awkwardness there as he’s trying to raid lead again.

And the other healer is new-ish to healing.

There was probably more happening, but those are the big points.

So we pull the dogs and all hell breaks loose.

The hunter/druid spent the night insulting and yelling at the new druid.

By the time we got to Feng ( a looooong time) I was yelling at the raid in general for dropping fire in the raid.

Feng was going so badly the GM and I were begging in officer chat to call the raid.

Raid leader said we were doing fine. We typed, in unison, “no we are not.”

I whispered the GM and said if anyone drops fire in the raid again I’m going to “disconnect.”

She agreed, it was ridiculous.

Miraculously, the idiot dropping fire didn’t get the fire that next attempt and we downed him. Sloppy, but still a kill.

We put in maybe 3 pulls on Gara’jal and then we called it due to TIME.

Yes, something like 2 and a half hours on the first 3 bosses.

Log in on Sunday to finish the pain… not enough people so raid is called.


So I made up my mind to spend Tuesday evening in Trade Chat looking for a new home.

I was thinking I would have to find a guild pugging for an alt run and see if I could weasel a permanent spot.

But an ad was going out for a late-start guild that was just starting HoF. They were looking for ranged, would prefer a spriest.

I asked anyway.

A little chatting on their side and it turns out their mage had a shift change. I was in if I wanted it.

The raid times are perfect, Tuesday and Thursday with clean up on Monday, from 10 server to 2 (7 to 11 local time).

This puts me back on a raid schedule similar to Tir’s and I have my weekends free again.

So after a brief interview, I returned to vent and broke the news to the GM.

She understands and is even thinking of passing the GM reins to her ex and finding a new home herself.

It was painful, but I’m looking forward to getting some kills under my belt this tier.

Off to new adventures!

Moving On

P.S. – I am leaving Selwyn in there (for now) to help out if they need additional healing. Although healers seem to be what they have the most of now.



9 comments on “Greener Pastures

  1. zarigar says:

    awww…messed up raids make the best posts :(


  2. reiytwow says:

    Oh wow, thank god you got out of that haha


  3. slice213ce says:

    Good luck! Hope things work out!


  4. Sorak says:

    Angry RL’s are the best.

    That’s why we love our Red slice!


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