Moving in to the Barn

I think I need a “not dead yet” tag for posts.

There are three reasons I don’t post:

  1. Nothing is happening and/or nothing new is happening and I can only rehash the same rants so many times.
  2. There’s lots of new stuff happening but it’s not appropriate to print at all or the timing isn’t quite right.
  3. And sometimes there’s just so much happening I don’t have time to post.

Thankfully, my latest week-long hiatus was for the reason behind door number 3.

Last week I posted about moving to greener pastures so it’s only fair I give an update on how that transition is going.

In a word: GREAT.


When we wipe, which we do, everyone runs back. Buffs go out without reminders. Feasts are laid in an orderly fashion. Instructions are confirmed and clarified.

I now am 2/6 in HoF and 1/4 in ToES.

The raid times are so much better, I have weekends free again.


I did log over to Selwyn and help my old guild in HoF for a night.


Punk kid raid leader explaining fights he obviously didn’t know the nuances of. Experienced raider (pug – over half the raid was pugs) would offer the correct explanation (in a very polite manner). Eventually the experienced raider got fed up and left after 2 hours of wiping on the first boss.

Per our raid leader, the problem was having “two people lead the raid.” It wasn’t the fact that people died to mechanics repeatedly. Or that as a healer with 17 ilevel below him I was keeping up with him (not sure if this means I still got “it” or if he’s just that bad).

Nope. It was that pesky warlock alt that wasn’t doing as much damage as everyone else but actually stayed out of the bad and explained the mechanics properly. Yup. All her fault.

I pulled a dick move after that, with proper warning to the GM that had invited me to that mess. I hadn’t eaten all day and really hadn’t planned on raiding, the invite came just before I was planning on looking for food.

Thanked them for their time and logged for the evening.

But back to my new pastures.

The leaders are pet/mount whores and more than willing to drag everyone along for the ride.

We’ve run BT and AQ40 (25 now? Who cares, it was an achievement and I got the red riding bug), and DS and FL (someone else just started their staff quest, I might actually get to finish mine! Over 600 cinders and counting!)

The GM personally escorted me to obtain the “troll” portal, which I used to kill a rogue that very night. <insert diabolical laughter here>

Sometimes we run heroics together, smooth as silk.

They group for rares.

One guy is a little self conscious and assumes any “we need to improve at [mechanic]” comment is directed at him, but otherwise everyone takes it all in stride.

I even ran old content with the mage I’m replacing in the main group (he had a job schedule change), no hard feelings.

The GM questioned me on a talent choice and liked my explanation so much that he’s considering testing it out for himself.

And the “angry raid leader?” Let’s just say he’s nothing I can’t handle.

Someone pinch me, this must be a dream.


One comment on “Moving in to the Barn

  1. slice213 says:

    Good to hear things are going well!


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