Making Progress!

Alright, it’s been another week-plus since I had time to write, but there’s been valor to cap and bosses to kill.

Not to loot, just to kill. Because I just get gold.


I am now officially 16/16 in T14 content and ready to step up in to T15 Throne of Thunder.

So I had a bright idea.

I should use the +300 food for the new content, really squeak out that extra bit of DPS.

Hmmm…. I’ve got a DK that’s got cooking up pretty close. I bet I could level his cooking really quick and make my little fish stews to get points!

Off to my bank alt’s bank (repetitive, no?) to gather up armfuls of groceries and ship them off to the DK.

Down to the Halfhill market where I dutifully leveled up the Way of the Pot to learn the prized fishy stew recipe.

And discovered that it’s a 600 recipe.

So yes, I can now make the stupid stew, but I didn’t get any points for it. Booooo!

And of course, I got the quest to finish leveling up all the other cooking ways so I spent way too much time digging through bags for scallions and redbelly mandarin and not any time doing useful things like making use of the fact that I valor capped and could be getting extra valor!

Oh well.

I’ve done the first two LFRs for ToT. I had to do the second one twice as the first time I got ported in for just the last boss. As much fun as it is dealing with a regurgitating bird, Megaera has some tasty loot that I wanted a shot at.

I was amazed that people still didn’t know about the SNAILS. I hadn’t set foot in the raid yet and I still knew about them. Was hilarious watching people die to them – repeatedly.

I think sometime this week I will reach the 6k valor needed to appease the little black dragon prince. Assuming I did math right… always a potential that I borked it up.

Spent some time on Mr Robot and have my T15 gear list plotted out. Need the price on haunting spirits to drop so I can craft my helm and boots. I didn’t even bother planning out T14 until the very end, so I can feel the difference in how I’m able to approach raiding now. (Love my peeps over at BV, but the weekend raiding was killing me. So much more time to spend with Tir. So much easier to VP cap when I raid during the week.)

Oh, and I suppose that means I need the cloth daily TO QUIT FUCKING GIVING ME PVP RECIPES AND GIVE ME THE LAST GODDAMN PVE RECIPE I NEED. I think I still have 10 more PvP recipes to go before I get the PvE DPS helm. Murphy says I won’t get it until the last one. But without the spirits I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

Shado-Pan Assault is a bitch to grind rep for. But thanks to the 1k/week valor gating, I don’t think I’ll be too far behind the curve. Assuming I can cap every week and assuming I move up reputation ranks appropriately, I can get my belt at revered the week of May 7th. So long…

I finally went to the Isle of Giants and poked around. Saw Oondasta. But didn’t think the other other 4 people in the zone and I could take him on. One guy tried. That went over about as well as you would expect, although I imagine his death was far less laggy than it would have been in a full raid scenario.

Pulled a baby dino and got my first bone drop. Then read how many bones it takes to do anything of interest (pet and mount). Stopped killing dinos and logged out. I’ll fuck with that project later. Maybe in a group so I don’t have to kite so damn much.

Stepping in to ToT tonight with the raid team. The first piece of gear I’m gunning for is on the third encounter. Hope we do well!

We’ll be testing out 2 new healers tonight. I hope they work out; was starting to feel the itch of “OMG don’t tell me I’m going to have to heal another expansion in order to see any new content.”

I’ll try to post the results of our trip in to ToT soon!

3 comments on “Making Progress!

  1. sophb2013 says:

    Good luck with ToT…be warned that the first boss- Jin’Rokh is deceivingly easy on normal mode in comparison with Horridon. Loving your posts here and I hope you can find the time to check out my gaming blog too !


  2. […] said yesterday I would provide an update on how the raid went last night so here’s a […]


  3. wolfgangcat says:

    I got the Falling Blossom Cowl and Treads if those are the ones you are talking about. They look really good and I’ve love to make them except for the Haunting Spirits.

    I don’t think I’ll ever get my hands on any of those :(

    Yeah, I’m still getting all those stupid PvP gear patterns. I don’t think even the PvP people want them.

    I’d rather have a couple of decent PvE pieces to tailor then full sets of PvP gear nobody wants.


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