As Promised

I said yesterday I would provide an update on how the raid went last night so here’s a post!

But first, another really stupid thing I’ve done in WoW!

Yesterday I talked about leveling up cooking on my DK (who got his 522 neck last night, FYI) for the express purpose of making mogu fish stews for the mage and getting cooking points at the same time but then I realized that the fish stew was a 600 recipe so I basically just wasted time.

*deep breath after that run on sentence*

Last night I realized I had been doing something STUPID for the past couple of weeks with my priest.

Selwyn is my JC. And he finally got exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent and purchased all the panther mount patterns.

Next up was to collect 40 gems of each type (20 for the first mount and another 20 of each to make the ultra mount).

I had the bright idea of using my gem transmute as I had lotus to make the expensive gems and then I could purchase the cheap ones later.

So I watched the prices for the gems and decided I would focus on the Vermillion Onyx.

That would be the orange one.

I made/prospected an entire stack of them.

Excited, I skimmed through the patterns to see which panther I would be making.

Wait a minute.

I’ve never seen an orange panther.


Yeah, I wasted a bunch of lotus transmuting a gem I didn’t even need.

I’ve cut a handful of them and shipped them off to be sold. I haven’t really lost anything except the time it took me to get those lotus, but damn I felt dumb.

On to the raid:

Our first night in ToT.

We lost the guy that was continuously questioning his skill level and rearranged the roster.

Heals going tank, tank going DPS, GM recruited 2 new healers to test drive on Monday night in our first ToT trip.

Turns out both healers managed to get themselves saved and forgot.

And one of our best DPS lost power at his house; whole block went black due to the storm.

Do we sit in trade chat for 2 hours trying to scrape together functional healers for a fresh ToT on a Monday night?

No, that would be painful and an exercise in futility with a large repair bill attached.

So the raid got called.

So much for our first night in ToT.

Oh well, it gave me time to get the neck on my DK, make some glyphs, transmute some gems, and realize I was being teh dumb.


2 comments on “As Promised

  1. Dirk says:

    Oh, man. I did the same exact thing with the wrong gems with my JC and alchemist. I’ve since been gradually using that stack to gem upgrades….


  2. slice213 says:

    Ouch sorry to hear about that 1st night into ToT.

    But I hope things work out with the new healers! 1st boss is not bad at all, the 2nd boss can be a pain ><


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